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I Provide For My Kids - Twine Phiri

Former football administrator, Twine Ibrahim Phiri claims he is doing all he can to provide for his children but his ex-wife, Keresiya is careless and ungrateful.

After making an error when he produced wrong proof of payment for his minor daughter’s examination fees during a trial at Harare magistrate court, Phiri said he had the correct documentation.

Phiri says he gave Keresiya US$7000 for school fees but was shocked when the school phoned him over fees arrears.

“At least the school headmaster understood that I am a responsible father and we agreed on a payment plan which kept the kids at the school. I will never neglect my children.”

Meanwhile, Keresiya told the court during cross examination last week that the document that had been produced by Twine Phiri was not for their minor daughter’s but one of his child born out of wedlock.“This is proof of payment for examination fees you made for your child born out of wedlock as can be seen from the name of the child written on it,” Keresiya told the court.
I Provide For My Kids - Twine Phiri
Phiri admitted before the court that he had made a mistake but insisted on having paid for the examination fees for his minor daughter.

“I made an error but I actually paid for the fees,” he said.

Phiri further alleged that he is in possession of his ex-wife’s bank statement which shows grows abuse of the money he gives her to maintain the children.

He added that his children have never missed a day of school as he communicates with the school when unable to pay.

Keresiya told the court that one of her daughters had one blouse only which she puts on when going to school.

“My child has one blouse which she puts on when going to school,” she told the court.”

Responding to Keresiya’s statement, Phiri told the court that having one blouse was much better as it cannot be compared to the leaves of a tree.

“You said the child is wearing one blouse, is that blouse leaves?” Phiri said.

The State, represented by Lovemore Siyamunda alleges that on June 22, 2017, Twine Phiri was ordered by a Chitungwiza Civil court magistrate to pay a maintenance fee of $1 942 for the upkeep of his two minor children, pay school fees and to buy their school uniforms twice a year.

Phiri appeared before a Harare magistrate Amanda Muridzo who remanded the matter to tomorrow for trial continuation. H-Metro

Chaos At School As Chipinge Grade One Pupil Performs ‘Miracles’ ... Changes Water Into Soft Drink

There was chaos at Masasa Primary School recently after a 10-year-old Grade One pupil performed magic acts, thereby, disrupting lessons.

Traditional leaders, chiefs Mutekedza and Nyoka had to convene a meeting at the school where the boy performed the “miracles” in front of the crowd before a resolution was made to send him back to Chipinge, his original home.

The boy is currently staying with his uncle in Sango village under Chief Mutekedza.

Mashonaland East acting provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the incident, saying they were informed of the issue though it was being dealt with by the local traditional leaders.
Chaos At School As Chipinge Grade One Pupil Performs ‘Miracles’ ... Changes Water Into Soft Drink
According to a report in possession of this paper, between February and March 5, it is alleged that pupils witnessed magical acts performed by the boy.

On March 5, a meeting was convened by Chief Mutekedza to discuss the issue. The meeting was attended by villagers and school authorities.

On February 27, the boy’s uncle was also summoned and asked about the boy’s behaviour, but told them that he never performed any magic at home.

The report added that the school authorities told the gathering that some of the boy’s magical acts include changing water into soft drinks which he gave to other pupils, changing stones into biscuits and making picture animals to produce sounds.

“Everyone was shocked with these magical performances, Chief Mutekedza advised the school authorities and the uncle to the boy, Artwell to take him back to his family as this seems to be a sign that the family wants him back,” the report read.

The boy’s parents separated, with his mother now residing in South Africa while his father is reportedly in Botswana.

Source: Newsday

Nigerian Pastor Arrested For Fake Prophecy And Taking His Church Member’s Car

Apostle Kingsley Abiekunogho, the G.O of God is Able Mega Fire Ministry, Opolo, Bayelsa State, has been arrested and arraigned for alleged fake prophecy and obtaining by trick.

Sources say that the cleric was arraigned before Magistrate Eke Spiff on Wednesday. Abieunogho was alleged to have fraudulently obtained a Toyota sport utility vehicle and N20,000 from a church member, Seiyefa Sayou, in exchange for spiritual breakthroughs.

Sayou had been invited to the church by a friend on September 9, 2017, during a crusade of the church. On getting to the church, a guest minister, identified as Apostle Chris, from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, convinced him to give the sum of N20,000 and his SUV.
Nigerian Pastor Arrested For Fake Prophecy And Taking His Church Member’s Car
Sayou was said to have parted with the vehicle and the money after Apostle Chris had narrated frightening stories of how people that didn’t give died mysteriously and how he (Sayou) would die if he failed to give the items.

Abiekunogho allegedly promised Sayou, through the guest minister, that in a month’s time, he (Sayou) would receive whatever he had donated to the church in double folds.

According to the victim: “The guest pastor gave me honey to drink and mandated me to do change of ownership of the vehicle immediately. Thereafter, I went to a shop, bought a nylon bag and packed all my belongings and went home.

When I woke up the next day, I started looking for the car, then my wife reminded me that I had sown it as a seed in the church. After several months, things got worse for me.

So, I asked the pastor to return my vehicle. When he refused, I reported to the police. He later said he had sold the car which I bought N3.9m, for N1.5m.”

Upon his arraignment, Magistrate, Spiff, ordered Abiekunogho to produce the guest minister in court at the next hearing on April 4, 2018.

Credits: Gossip Mill

Breaking News - Mugabe and Grace ADMITS To Looting … Details Emerge

Former President Mr Robert Mugabe and his family have admitted to externalising funds after buying two properties in South Africa and Hong Kong during his reign.

The admission, which was made by the former First Lady Grace in an interview the Mugabes had with selected journalists at their blue roof mansion in Harare last week, has exposed the hypocrisy of Mr Mugabe who in 2004 arrested former finance minister, Chris Kuruneri, accusing him of externalising money to buy a mansion in Cape Town.

According to a story in South Africa’s Sunday Times, the Mugabes declared to authorities that they had bought two properties in South Africa and Hong Kong.

“In South Africa I bought a dilapidated house, I wanted to bring it down, demolish some parts and to renovate the house,” Mrs Mugabe said.

The former First Lady also admitted to renting a house in Dubai for Robert Mugabe Junior when he was studying there and reportedly paid $500 000 per annum in rentals.

According to media reports, the Hong Kong property was bought for HK$40 million in 2009 just before the former President’s daughter Bona Chikore was about to begin studies at the University of Hong Kong.

The value of the South African property could not be ascertained although the former First Family has in the past been reported to own a R44 million property in Johannesburg.
Breaking News - Mugabe and Grace ADMITS To Looting … Details Emerge
The declaration of the assets by the Mugabe family follows President Mnangagwa’s three month moratorium on those that had externalised funds to return them.

Former Finance Minister, Dr Chris Kuruneri, was arrested in April 2004 on seven counts of breaching the country’s exchange control laws.

He was accused of transferring U$500 000, £37 000, €30 000 and R1.2m to South Africa to buy and renovate an eight-bedroom mansion.

The High Court cleared him after spending more than a year in remand prison.

He also spent time under house arrest.

Dr Kuruneri was arrested at the height of the Government’s anti-graft crusade in 2004, becoming the most senior official to face charges of corruption.

The ex-minister had always denied charges of funnelling foreign currency to South Africa to buy a mansion in an upscale Cape Town suburb and a luxury car.

President Mnangagwa’s moratorium on looters expired last Friday and a list of those that had not heeded his calls was published on Monday.

Out of the $1,3 billion that is estimated to have been externalised only $300 million has been returned.

Government noted 1 166 cases of externalisation.

Apart from those that have returned the money, others are still negotiating on modalities to get it back as it is tied up in properties and other investments.

Approximately $680 million is tied up in those circumstances.

President Mnangagwa has said individuals and entities that have not heeded his call for the money to be returned will face prosecution as required by law.

His administration has declared war on corruption in a bid to turn around the economy.

Under Mr Mugabe’s administration, the country witnessed rampant and unabated corruption which suffocated the economy.

Mr Mugabe would publicly threaten to deal with corruption but never took action even though it is believed he knew the culprits.

Unlike Mr Mugabe, President Mnangagwa has vowed to arrest anyone engaging in corruption and a number of former ministers have appeared in court charged with graft.


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