Man clings to son-in-law’s car

Siphilisiwe Mloyi
A STORM is brewing between a man from Hillcrest and his son-in-law after he obtained a peace order prohibiting his son-in-law from entering his house fearing that he might repossess a car reportedly lent to him by the son-in-law.
Man clings to son-in-law’s car

Zibusiso Ndlovu who is based in the United Kingdom told B-Metro that in 2011 he left his car in the care of his father-in-law on condition that he (Ndlovu) would use the car whenever he visited the country, part of the deal was that the father-in-law could also use the car whenever he needed to.

However, things took a twist recently when the father-in-law identified as Sylvester Lindikhaya Ncube, refused to give back the car to Ndlovu when he visited Zimbabwe.

But Ncube could have none of it and went on to tell everyone that the car was his.

Ncube also reportedly ran to the courts and acquired a peace order restraining Ndlovu to get into his father- in-law’s house.

“In 2011 I left my Mercedes Benz ML320 with my father-in-law. The aim was that whenever I visit Zim I would be able to use the car and he can also use it whenever he felt like. I visited Zimbabwe in 2012 and 2013, I used the car without any problem.

“However when I came last year, tables turned. When I asked for the car as usual my father-in-law refused. Instead he restricted me to enter his house when I asked for my car he told me that he was afraid that I will leave it with my own family,” said Ndlovu.

The dejected Ndlovu got his family to intervene with the hope that Ncube would yield; instead he received a sucker punch when the covetous father-in-law got a peace order issued against him.

“I told my wife, Lungile, who was back in the UK about her father’s action but she was also afraid to contact him about the issue,” he said.
Zibusiso Ndlovu
One of Ncube’s friends who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that Ncube, who owns several cars had told him that his son-in-law bought him the car. However, when B-Metro got hold of Ncube, he bitterly told the reporter to ask for the whole story from Ndlovu and leave him alone.

“What I can tell you is to ask the whole information from the person who told you and leave me alone,” said Ncube.

Ndlovu reported the matter at Hillside Police Station but he ran out of luck as he had to go back to the UK in time when the police wanted to handle the case.

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