Mathias Mhere saga: is your spouse safe around your friend?

HARARE - The Mathias Mhere cheating saga has left many people bewildered by the high profile case involving a close friend. It was a case of reality coming home to roost for the gospel singer after he sang about betrayal by a close member in one of his hit songs.

But the question that has left many reeling with more questions than answers is: how far can you trust a friend with your spouse? After such damaging revelation, many married couples will start to ask if it is really worth the risk to trust a friend with your wife's contacts. And how can one censor the information that is revealed to friends regarding their spouse.
Mathias Mhere saga: is your spouse safe around your friend?

The saga reveals that the two sent text messages regularly without their spouses unaware. The explicit content can only conclude that Mathias's wife showed affection to his friend's husband though she did not have regular physical contact with the man. Actually, she had a secret admiration that and sadly, the husband could not suspect anything.

Text messages also reveal that the friend was always aware of what was happening in the friend's private affair. This is how the friend could have pounced on the opportunity to provide what the wife was lacking. It is possible that the wife could have revealed intimated details that were only privy to the couple, hence the friend found a passage to access the wife. The messages could mean that the wife was actually begging for attention which was not afforded by the ever-busy husband, even though he availed material support.

Celebrities endure constant stress and are always away for performances. Because of the workload, they afford less time to their families. With such a hectic schedule, there is always a leeway for a spouse to be seduced by a close family friend. While the wife is alone, she seeks attention from a close person and if the friend can manipulate this situation, it could be dangerous to the relationship. In many instances, we have heard of friends snatching girlfriends from each other. The most common mistake friends make is revealing inner secrets including tensions that may exist.

These could be manipulated to gain trust. In Mathias's case, he could have even offloaded his feelings to his friend, who in turn abused the trust and approached the wife. Since earlier messages between the two were deleted, it can only be assumed that the relationship started as a friendly chat and exploded into something explicit. There is regular mentioning of body features such as, muscular body by Mathias' wife, meaning she always paid particular attention to the husband's body features which the probably the husband lacked.

This also could be translated that she associated muscular men with a sexual intent rather than it being a mere body. It reveals that women pay more attention to things that men sometimes relegate as inferior. It is possible to fall in love with someone who pays more attention to a woman's needs like in the above case. In one instance, she wanted the guy to beg for forgiveness for not replying her messages. And when the guy showed real remorse, then she was accorded the obvious. It teaches men that, they sometimes take women for granted and expect them to understand their situations such as pressure from work etc. without explaining the finer details.

Friends need to be reigned. As a married couple, you cannot reveal all intimate details because one can use the advantage to your disadvantage. One's weakness in a marriage is best discussed at a family level rather than with a friend who can abuse that privileged to their advantage. But one cannot live without a friend but there are issues best reserved for the couple and never discussed with anyone else.

The media can never solve personal issues, it can only fuel them out of proportion. They are business people seeking to make a living. It is appropriate to for celebrities to employ experienced publicists that will attend to the media in order to maintain a brand. The press can never be a trusted friend for long. It needs to managed professionally. Artistes should concentrate on their business and leave professionals to do their work. - Musvo.

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