Women respond to the Mathias Mhere saga

HARARE - The media can never solve personal issues, it can only fuel them out of proportion. They are business people seeking to make a living. By now, Mathias should be kicking himself after he afforded the media preview into his personal life. Contrary, media houses are making a fortune out of his misfortune. And the saga continues.

Women respond to the Mathias Mhere saga
The text messages gleaned from his wife's phone was a secret, until he chose to furnish it to the media. News is big business. Mathias is a brand that can boost sales. So, without much guidance on media issues, he panicked and thought he could fix his wife and the boyfriend. His intention was to bring them to a downfall. Little did he know that he would tarnish his brand and his family at the same time. This is a double tragedy for the gospel musician.

Fortunately, this was a profit for the media which is in desperate need for scoops. And Mathias boosted the declining sales. Media houses are folding. Journalists are being retrenched in masses. And after getting such information, their daily sales skyrocketed. It is now requisite for celebrities to employ experienced publicists that will attend to the media in order to maintain a brand. The press can never be a trusted friend for long. It needs to managed professionally. Artistes should concentrate on their business and leave professionals to do their work.

But the world is asking: who released the damning messages to the media? Why would Mathias want to drag his name into the mud with personal issues that could be resolved as a family. If he wanted to divorce his wife, he could have done it amicably. At the end of the day, many women believe that Mathias is the loser and the media is gaining everything. The best way to get revenge is to show love rather than trying to expose someone in the media. In the end, Mathias is a talented but naive character judging by the recent developments.

Soon, the wife will also feel the pressure and start spilling more secrets concerning the marriage. After all, she also human. For now, she has said sorry to the husband and the nation for putting the family name into disrepute. She has proved more mature and considerate than the husband. This could have been done in private and this commotion could have been avoided. But due to lack of professional advice, Mathias revealed all in order to gain sympathy from the world because the wife was reportedly cheating on him and also because he is a known character.

Unknown to him, the world is mean and will always feast on people's weaknesses and shortcomings. By then, it was too late for him to withdraw the damage that would have been initiated by the revelations. It is common knowledge that some celebrities live a double life. But they always try to shield themselves by avoiding the media or employing professional people to address their situations. Celebrity scandals go viral and without professional input, it is impossible to tone them down.

There was no need to be emotional about the whole issue. This is not the first and last case of infidelity involving celebrities. We have heard of celebrities divorcing for similar reasons but they never sought public opinion or dragged their names into the mud. It always needs a strong personality to pull through this. And is Mathias that strong that he can survive the recent revelation that was initiated by his actions.

While the world around Mathias is crumbling, the world is feasting in his darkest hour. While few sympathize with him, some are bracing for more revelations with Mathias reported to be mourning the death of his brother. These sad developments are somehow related. Both sad situations befall the same man at one go and he is thinking what has hit him. According to experts, Mathias should have sought professional help and confronted his wife with the issue rather than going on a witch hunt.

His rendition of betrayal by a friend in one of his songs could have been a revelation of events that were to unfold. Then, it was just a song but it only came to reality when he saw the text messages on his wife's phone. Many are wondering, was his singing of his own misfortune in the popular song. Was the song a prophecy of what would befall his family or it was another rendition to appease his many fans? - Musvo.

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