Chiredzi prostitutes hit hard times, now begging for sex on WhatsApp.

Commercial sex workers in the sugar producing town of Chiredzi have hit on hard times and many have resorted to the latest information technology like WhatsApp to solicit for clients.

Sex workers who spoke to the news crew in a snap survey recently said business has gone down because of the cash crunch that is biting hard on workers.

A prostitute who identified herself as Tendai Chipato said she takes home up to $50 a night when business is brisk. She said she could sleep with four men a night at $5 for short time each before taking another client for the rest of the night at $20.

Chiredzi prostitutes hit hard times, now begging for sex on WhatsApp.
Another thigh vendor said the situation was now so bad that they could go for three days without a client.

Chigarapasi Beer hall which is regarded as the country's biggest beer garden normally has hundreds of sex workers lining surrounding streets on any night but these days the numbers have clearly gone down.

"Things are bad for us, we used to service four to five clients on short time charging them $5 for the short period and go home with a client for $20 but these days I am thinking of going back to my rural home in Zaka since we are no longer getting clients" said Tendai.

She said they were now following old clients using new media technologies like WhatsApp soliciting for sex in return for cash.

Another hooker who only identified herself as Marvellous said all was not rosy and many sex workers can hardly fend for their families.

"We are in a totally bad situation due to the harsh economic crisis, we are not getting clients as these men are broke and they can't afford hiring our services. We end up accepting paltry amounts like $3 to enable us to buy food," said Marvellous.

Many men who patronise Chigarapasi blamed high unemployment rate in the low business for sex workers and said in addition to that the farmers had not yet started hiring workers for the sugar cutting season.

"We have a lot to take care of we can't sacrifice the little we have on hookers. Look we are drinking less beers and then go home" said Mhazo an entreprenuer.

A town council police officer at Chigarapasi Beer Hall who requested anonymity said the situation for sex workers was bad as there are no clients.

"The situation is bad for these girls, some are no longer coming to work. If you look, you will see that the numbers here on any night has drastically gone down," he said.

Such is the crisis at other popular night spots like Labamba and Masiza Nengere where sex workers usually patronise with the latter having some brothels.
Written By Masvingo Mirror.

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