DJ Sbu’s Mofaya energy drink is not SABS approved.

IT’S been confirmed – DJ Sbu’s Mofaya energy drink is not SABS approved. This comes after the logo of approval has been seen on the drink.

The bureau released a statement last week saying companies violated legislation by attaching its mark of approval without proper certification.
DJ Sbu’s Mofaya energy drink is not SABS approved.
Frank Makamo, an executive responsible for certification said: “One such company, which has been active on the issue of the SABS mark of approval on social media, produces the energy drink Mofaya.”

Media reports say the bureau has confirmed that not only was it not approved, but that Sbu has violated legislation by putting the approval mark on the drink without going through proper processes.

This means it had no tests or verification and that the stamp is a fake.

DJ Sbu referred the People’s Paper to the drink’s CEO Simphiwe Magubane, who said they have received documentation to ensure the company complies.

Speaking to CNBC Africa, Sbu said: “When we first started there wasn’t a process to approve energy drinks. But where you bottle or can it – that factory has to be SABS approved, which is the case with us.”

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