Doctors Find Leech Growing Inside Boy’s Throat.

An 11-year-old boy who went to the hospital complaining of a sore throat and dizziness was found to have a leech growing inside his throat, Fox News reported. Xiaobo Chien often complained of a sore throat and found himself experiencing dizzy spells. According to Medics, the boy had probably been infected when he stopped at a pond for a drink of water on his way home from school.
Doctors Find Leech Growing Inside Boy’s Throat.
The boy’s mother, Xiang Tung, said that Xiaobo hadn’t told them about the water-drinking so it never occurred to them that he may have picked up something. She gave her son medication and kept him in bed but his condition started getting worse.
After the condition did not improve, Xiaobo was taken to the hospital where doctors did an x-ray and were shocked to find that a 2.75 inch leech was lodged in the boy’s respiratory tract. A hospital spokesman said that the leech had not caused any infection and they were able to extract it with ease.

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