LEAVE MY GLASS HOUSE ALONE! Kids try to break my rondavel – Palo.

STOP throwing stones at my glass rondavel! That’s madala Palo Lentoa’s plea to naughty kids ekasi. Madala Palo (86) from Botshabelo’s G section in the Free State built it nine years ago, using cement and booze bottles.

He said his experience in bridge building helped him make it strong and solid. Unlike his neighbours’ houses, it has survived hail, wind and storms. But now, he said, kids throw stones at his glass house and he fears they will destroy it.

Palo said he built it so his children, grandchildren and great grandkids will have something to remind them of him when he is gone.
Madala Palo Lentoa in the house of bottles which he built nine years ago.
Now he is frail, but he loves to walk around his house when he’s feeling tired.
“My house brings joy to my old fragile heart,” he said.

But it upsets him that the house attracts attention for wrong reasons.
“My house is next to the main road. I often hear children laugh when they pass – followed by glass breaking,” he said.

The madala pleaded with parents to speak to their children as the house means a lot to him and his family.
“I really worked hard to build this house.”

His 12 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren said they appreciated his house. They said they all respect and admire his rondavel and love to spend their time there.

Palo’s wife, Motseng Lentoa, told Daily Sun that it breaks her husband’s heart that all his hard work might go down the drain because of naughty kids.

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