PANTY PROTEST OVER NYATSIS! ‘Kids grow up without dads because of them’

WEARING panties on their heads as a sign of protest, the women marked Freedom Day by marching to the house of a woman they claim is a home-wrecker!

As they marched through Grassland phase 3 kasi in Mangaung, Free State the group of 20 angry women chanted: “We’re gatvol of nyatsis who break other women’s marriages!”

Gxekiwe Siyale said they were targeting one particular nyatsi in support of a wronged wife.
With panties over their hands and heads, these women marched to a woman’s RDP, accusing  her of destroying marriages. Photo by Kabelo Tlhabanelo
Gxekiwe said: “We need to make sure that the message gets through! Kids grow up without dads because these nyatsis destroy families.

“We’re against those husbands who choose nyatsis over wives!”

Another panty protestor told Daily Sun: “My husband has been seeing this woman since last year.

“I begged him to stop but he wouldn’t. Last year he left our house and went to live with the nyatsi.

“He even changed his cellphone number so I couldn’t reach him.”

When the panty protestors arrived at the nyatsi’s RDP, they chanted: “Down with men who cheat with nyatsis, phanzi!”

The alarmed woman whose house the panty protestors had marched on called the cops.

She told Daily Sun: “I’m not anybody’s nyatsi. If you’re looking for bad women, these ugly women with panties on their heads are the ones.

“They’re jealous of me because I’m beautiful.”

The Bloemspruit cops arrived and took two panty protestors to the cop shop for questioning.

Later they returned home.

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