That’s no earthquake – that’s a car on the roof!

WHEN Dudu Buthelezi (37) heard a crash, boom, bang, she thought it was an earthquake. But it was a Golf 5 on the roof of her brother Simiso’s bedroom.

Dudu said it was a miracle that Simiso (26) escaped death when the car crash-landed.

It happened as Simiso lay fast asleep in his house in KwaMashu’s K section in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“I thought he was dead,” said Dudu.

“The house was full of dust and he didn’t respond when I shouted to him,” said Dudu.
The car that crash-landed on Simiso Buthelezi’s bedroom.
 Photo by Willem Phungula
“I panicked and screamed for help, thinking that he was lying dead under the rubble,” said Dudu.

“But he had already walked out without injury,” she said

Neighbours came running.

“Three men jumped out of the car and ran away.

“I think they were drunk.

“Neighbours said the men had been to a party in the area, but they weren’t from here,” said the relieved Dudu.

She said the bedroom furniture was damaged and half the house was wrecked.

Dudu said cops took her to the police station to write a statement.

“The cops refused to let me open a case, saying I must negotiate with the suspects,” said Dudu.

A man arrived on the scene, and told Daily Sun he was the father of the car owner.

“I heard what my boy and his friends did,” he said.

“I came to negotiate with the family, and see where I can assist,” he said.

) Major Thulani Zwane said KwaMashu police were investigating a case of reckless or negligent driving. No arrest had been made.

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