The Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Relationships.

I would like to tackle about the “6 Biggest Mistakes, Women Make In Relationships” and I hope to follow it up soon with the “Major Mistakes, Men Make In Relationships” – because the dice is still rolling and admit it or not, but both parties are prone to make mistakes in their relationship.

Definitely, these lists below might not cover it all (because men might think “Oh, there’s another one) but I will just focus on the major blunders that can cause a relationship at risk. Check out the 6 errors in no particular order and I hope this could help you realize and adjust to some things:

You do not know your value which simply means that you were never a dream girl because you’re acting like a doormat. You forget yourself to be chased by him because you’re the one who’s running after him. It’s always you who make the first move, and allow him to treat you poorly. You’re simply wishing and waiting that one day, all tables will turn and it’s going to be him who will chase you, like that Prince on your favorite fairy tale movie where he’s searching for his Princess.
Definitely, these lists below might not cover it all (because men might think “Oh, there’s another one) but I will just focus on the major blunders that can cause a relationship at risk.
Sometimes, she will give him all what she got, because she thought that by simply pleasing him, he will treat her the same way she treated him. This does not happen all the time, because men never want you to babysit them, and if you happen to act like a “strict momma”, surely they will have their way to be rebellious! And you might be as single as before.
You think you’re always right. Well, this may go vice versa. Men and women think differently, that is why an argument is present. Women are more concern as to every single detail while men are direct to the point. Honestly, both parties can never be right all the time as there will always be the right and the wrong. But girls, we have to admit that we can never be right the whole time because our basis is only (for most cases) what we thought was the right thing, not unless you’re one hell of a perfect creature (but we knew nobody’s perfect and perfection is something to be achieved forever).

Sometimes, she thought of being the right one always, can cause him to be annoyed and leave, because he thought that what she thought of herself is “an epitome of perfection”.

You’re telling him you’re OK when you’re not. A lot of my male friends would confide something about their girlfriends and would actually ask me “Why are you [women] like that? We’re not psychologists and the likes to know everything about how you feel and we really needed you to say it to us”. Well, basically, women tend to find comfort when we could actually see you make the effort to at least care when we’re silent. But, this should not happen always. You really should practice yourself gradually to reach out and say how you feel and what you think. You don’t have to create drama, but simply, open yourself up as early as you could so you can fix everything in no time.

Over-analyzing your relationship. Admit it or not but we women, have this. It may be oftentimes or occasionally. This is a big NO-NO and won’t help you in any way. This will probably wear you out and even your partner eventually and your relationship status will start zero, again.

This is one major mistake I consider, because I know we’ve been through situations like we were over thinking something when in fact it wasn’t as serious as what we thought, and we go crazy acting like an NBI. When he looks at the woman who passes through your table during dinner and your one brow lift higher – it’s normal for them to get attracted as long as they doesn’t nurture that kind of feeling. Sometimes, it’s quite a reason you started a fight with no concrete basis on the side. Please, stop that!

Nagging and disregard to say a compliment and receives. Over and over again, articles and studies can prove it – that there is no perfect partner. It simply means that, you aren’t him. When he’s getting busy at work and he comes home late, when he’s having a good time with his friends and officemates and he didn’t manage to text you every hour, never nag about it. Because men easily get irritated especially when they know that they have done nothing wrong, stupid, and cheating as what you may think sometimes. Give him the benefit of the doubt and you will surely be admired by your man.

On the other hand, we have to know how to appreciate him. It’s one thing he wants and when he compliments you, accept it with gladness instead of glaring at him and would tell him “kidding aside!”

You miss out giving him a reason to see a future with you. As we get into relationship, getting along, knowing each other, somehow, unintentionally and not getting aware of, we attract our partner, we inspire them, and we even felt blessed to have each other. Unfortunately, not all relationships work this way because as there are couples who tie the knot on the long run, there were also those who broke it. Some would blame the incompatibility of the two sides but in reality, it’s giving our partner no reason to see a future with us. Maybe because, you have this kind of attitude that he thought won’t change and he can’t help it but only you.

There were hundreds of reasons to have a lasting relationship, some may overlap the little things you do, but do not miss out the things that matter, and you will be open to change for the better!
6 Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Relationships | By: K.C.L Basco

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