Unclothed sangoma caught in city bar.

A female traditional healer was caught red handed with no clothes on armed with a assegai and oxtail busy performing rituals at a bar in the early hours of the morning

The shocking incident happened in Trenence.
Unclothed sangoma caught in city bar.
Oly Ndlovu was caught in the act by a security guard, Brighton Mlotshwa who quickly notified his boss, B-Metro reported.

"Mlotshwa found the old woman undressed and informed his boss. When confronted by the owner of the building, she said she had been hired by the person renting the bar."

However, Ndlovu denied that the ritual was linked to witchcraft.

"I was only doing what my son-in-law's brother asked. He had approached me so that I can perform a ritual to help his business. It's not a bad or dangerous ritual. It's only for luring customers."

Mlotshwa said he almost collapsed when she spotted the unclothed woman.

"I nearly collapsed when I bumped into an unclothed old woman carrying an oxtail and assegai sprinkling medicine around the building. She buried a bottle of medicine at the entrance of the building. There was a big pot of herbs boiling. I thought I was watching an African movie."
Source: B-Metro

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