Prophet W. Magaya and others put the blame on the ‘prophets’ or the laity?

Barely four months after the High court entertained the matter of businessman Ndabazinengi Shava who sued Uebert Angel for duping him of his pricey Bentley vehicle on the understanding that he would reap threefold, a similar matter has hit the courts again.

Angel’s case ended recently with the angry magistrate delivering a ‘sermon’ to the supposed prophet in absentia over his moral blameworthiness. However, this time around it’s Walter Magaya of Prophetic Healing Deliverance (PHD) ministries who has been slapped with a $2m lawsuit arising from an unfulfilled prophecy.

The Magaya is a replica of the one against Angel. An aggrieved Harare business couple allegedly showered Magaya with classy vehicles and cash as ‘seed’ to fulfill a prophecy that they would own an airline. The seed, as usual, was a precondition for the fulfillment of the prophecy. The couple, Upenyu and Blessing Mushangwa is also seeking to recover a Land Rover Discovery 4 valued at R890,000 and $15,000 they ‘seeded’ in cash after they were given the airline prophecy. The lawsuits were filed in the High Court in Harare on April 22 and 28 under case numbers HC36561/15, HC3857/15 AND 3858/15.
Prophet W. Magaya and others put the blame on the ‘prophets’ or the laity?
Defendant (Magaya) informed plaintiffs that in order for the business to materialize they needed to sow a seed. It is reported that Magaya revealed that he saw a vision that plaintiffs would soon own an airline. On account of the prophecy, the couple availed 890,000 Rand to purchase a Land Rover Discovery 2014 series which was handed to Magaya in December 2014, which vehicle was imported in Magaya’s wife’s name. The summons further state that “despite lawful demand of a balance of $44 000 for commuter omnibus sold to him at $15 000 each, Defendant refuses or neglects to pay the sum of $44 000 to the Plaintiffs.”

These happenings continue to vindicate the claim that there is a serious perversion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the world today. I have also maintained that there is a pressing need for Christians to return to true Christianity which is the polar opposite of self-aggrandisement. While Jesus preached, “repent and be baptized”, the ‘prophets’ preach, “‘seed’ your wealth and get a financial breakthrough.”

Jesus never, at any rate, demanded the so-called seed to perform miracles. As a show of true Christianity, he never gained materially from the miracles he performed. The new breed of gospel is clearly a manipulation of the Word by those seeking self-enrichment. I have never doubted that these popular men posing as prophets have little to do with advancing Christianity as it is about them and their pockets. In fact, an objective observer of this brand of gospel would have long seen these kinds of lawsuits coming. The pigeons where certainly going to come home to roost.

There is no ploy by anyone to discredit or hold the so-called men of God to ransom, as some would be quick to say. True men of God steer clear from things that put the name of God into disrepute. Most people have condemned followers of this brand of faith labeling them as dumb to be so easily so duped. It is easy to blame them but it is also important to appreciate the emotional blackmail these ventures engage in.

Many Zimbabweans to date have given away things of value in the hope of reaping yet they have become poorer while the “men of God” amplified in wealth. It remains my deepest desire that people turn away from this adulterated message to the truth which focuses on righteousness as taught by Christ himself.

Jesus Christ himself the founder of Christianity never had people seeding their horses, chariots, sheep, cattle or any wealth as a condition for some future worldly prosperity. His war cry was for souls to repent ‘for the kingdom is at hand’ His message was simple to understand and remained consistent, “What shall it profit a man if he gains this whole world and yet lose his soul.” Wealth of this world was never the focal point of his message neither was it the central message of the disciples he left.

Surely, one wonders where this greedy brand of Christianity has emanated from. The men and women left by Christ where detached from the love of the things of this world and nowhere does the Bible teach the principle of seeding in the self-aggrandizing manner we are witnessing today. In all this fracas, it is the name of Christ which is taking a heavy battering, with some writer sarcastically writing about the new organization called Zimbabwe Prophets for Profit (ZPP) which keeps milking dry the poor congregants amidst hardships.

This certainly is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we call upon all true Christians to stand for the true Gospel whose focus is not materialism. Indeed by their fruits you shall know them.
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