Prophet Walter Magaya detained due to Xenophobia.

The recent wave of attacks on some African immigrants in South Africa has led to a postponement of a Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries crusade which was slated for that country this month.

Speaking on the sidelines of an all night prayer dubbed: Creating a Man With Power, PHD founder Prophet Magaya said there was need to solve problems that fuelled hooliganism in South Africa.

“Uniting can be a very good thing, hence this all night prayer. That is why you see everyone holding flags (of different countries). Just to show that we are united in southern Africa as well,” he said last Friday.

“But sometimes there are measures you need to do to guard your people from hooligans as I have said some of them are just hooligans they are not fellow South Africans. They are just thieves trying to take advantage of the situation,” Prophet Magaya added.
Prophet Walter Magaya
“We were supposed to have a crusade in May (this month) there; we had to postpone it because my (our) Home Affairs Ministry advised me to postpone it because of the situation there. We cannot do it now until we are certain that there is peace and freedom.”

Prophet Magaya claimed evil spirits were behind the xenophobe.

He said the targeted attacks on nationals from countries like Pakistan, Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe soiled the reputation of Sadc.

“I know South Africa as a rainbow nation that must come back and it must bring sanity into southern Africa,” he said.

Seven people were killed and more than 5 000 foreigners including Zimbabweans were displaced after xenophobic violence that erupted on March 30 in Durban before spreading to Johannesburg in the Gauteng province.

Turning to the men’s all-night prayer, Prophet Magaya said the invitation of Alick Macheso,, considered to be more of a secular musician, was meant to lure men to the event.

“We need women and men to be in unison in prayer. But men are not coming forth as women. So I thought of creating an event that would attract them more and bring them to church hence this event.

“You need to learn to place a worm on a hook to catch a fish. So for me it was to attract men to come to church… because they like Macheso, they like to go to the beer-halls to listen to him. But now that Macheso is in church and they saw him shouting Jesus and good things towards God. Sometimes you have to give people a want then produce a need while there are there,” Prophet Magaya said.

“To give your life to Jesus is a choice if he (Macheso) decides to do that it is his choice. But I have seen him praying all the time if you noted on the stage he was even wearing a wristband he is always here even his family is part of our ministry.

“So I strongly believe that he has also given his life to Jesus, not sure (though) because giving your life to Jesus is a matter of the heart. We wouldn’t know what the heart is really saying.”

Last year dancehall musician, Obey Makamure aka Tocky Vibes performed at one of the church’s all night prayer event. Prophet Magaya said many musicians that included Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria, Isaac Chirwa, Taso among others had not fallen away after performing in his church. The Sunday Mail

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