SHOCKING: 'Satanist' who killed 13 women and drank their blood says he goes to Universal Church.

THE Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) has disowned a 26-year-old self-confessed "vampire rapist" Alois Nduna, who claimed in court last week he was a member of the fast-growing church.

Nduna, also known as Jackson Moyo, is facing 12 counts of murder, rape and robbery. He allegedly lured women for sex and sucked blood from his victims, vampire-style.

The so-called vampire rapist was arrested two weeks ago for killing a milk vendor from Mvuma. Further investigations revealed that he had killed 11 other people. His case is still before the courts.In his court statements Nduna claimed to be a member of UCKG but the church has distanced itself from the claim.
"Satanic rituals, murdering and collecting blood are activities which are abhorrent to the church, and indeed society at large," said Nametso Mofokeng, an official from the UCKG's public relations department.
'Satanist' who killed 13 women and drank their blood says he goes to Universal Church.
"Such behaviours would never be suggested by the church and nobody in leadership would ever give anyone instructions to behave in such an illegal, immoral and repulsive manner."
Since April this year, the "vampire rapist" solicited for sex from female strangers. He first robbed his victims of their personal possessions, killed the women and tied clothing like bras around their necks — a bizarre act that has confounded police.

After his arrest, the self-confessed Satanist vomited large amounts of blood at Mvuma Police Station and went on to lap it up like a dog, a sight that shocked residents in the mining town.

He confessed to sucking blood from 13 women in Masvingo, Midlands and Bulawayo and also made stunning revelations that he killed a Mashava woman Beauty Hove by sucking her blood until she died.

The "vampire rapist" stunned Masvingo the Magistrates' Courts when he revealed that he had killed 13 women and collected their blood.

"I sucked blood from these women because I was instructed by my church that I would receive more power," Moyo confessed.

Mofokeng, however, said UCKG's teaching is founded on biblical principles which encourage members to live Godly lives and make intelligent and informed decisions regarding their life choices.

"The church is an organisation that teaches moral values and runs numerous ongoing campaigns to educate and empower people, equipping them to be good role models and moral pillars of society," Mofokeng said.

She said the board of the church has investigated the matter and said nobody going by the name Alois Nduna or Jackson Moyo is known to anyone within the church leadership. "Whether he has even attended a service at the Universal Church in Zimbabwe is unknown," Mofokeng said.

"It is interesting to note that the accused does not name the person who allegedly gave him these instructions.
"This suggests that he is merely attempting to lay blame for his actions somewhere other than where they belong — that of his free will and decision to act in such a violent and reprehensive manner.

"Each person is responsible for their decisions and should take ownership of them and be accountable."

Meanwhile, the "vampire rapist's" first victim was a Mashava woman whom he met and proposed love to. He offered to pay $3 for sex. After they had sex, Nduna grabbed her by the throat and fatally strangled her before he took her clothing and tied it around her neck.

He also met an unidentified woman in April, proposed love to her, solicited for sex and later killed her, the court heard. He allegedly robbed her of a Nokia mobile phone and $5. In Mvuma, he went to Ruramai Zifungo's homestead and allegedly forced his way into the house before he attacked her with an unknown object. Zifungo sustained deep cuts on her face and died instantly. He also tracked another woman talking on the phone, grabbed her by the neck until she lost consciousness.

He later dumped her body at a nearby bush. "I grabbed her and bit her neck after which I started sucking her blood then she fell down," he confessed.

Speaking to the news crew, Mvuma ward 14 councillor Tremendous Musara said residents had been living in fear.
"Everyone thought the police were not doing their job properly but we are all happy that he has been arrested," Musara said. "He had been on the run for two weeks."

While remanded in custody, other prisoners and even prison wardens were afraid of him although he did not harm anyone. Before the "vampire killer" entered the court last week, an unidentified "faith healer" is said to have attempted to deliver him from satanic powers but was overpowered and fainted in the full glare of hundreds of onlookers.

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