Headteacher Anne Lakey "groomed vulnerable teenage boy for her own sexual gratification", court told

A "PREDATORY" teacher manipulated an impressionable young teenage boy into submitting to her own sexual desires, a court was told.

Anne Lakey, who has gone on to become an acclaimed headteacher, is said to have groomed the naive boy into taking part in a full sexual relationship, at her own house when her husband was away from home.

Ms Lakey, described as, “the ultimate corrupting influence”, was said to have persuaded him to play truant and even posed as his mother ringing his school to report him sick to explain his absence.
Headteacher Anne Lakey "groomed vulnerable teenage boy for her own sexual gratification", court told
Durham Crown Court was told she referred to herself as “mommy” to him, and became more brazen in her behaviour.

But the boy became stressed and concerned that they would be caught, having in one case had to hide in the cupboard when her husband came home unexpectedly.

He ended the relationship and although he mentioned it to others, including future partners and his mother, over coming years, a complaint was only made to police in 2012.
Caroline Goodwin, prosecuting, said the relationship began when the boy was invited into her home with friends in the late 1980s.

But she began inviting him alone when her husband was away.

“A form of friendship began which was plainly wrong,” she said.

The sexual misconduct started when she would play "dare games" in a suggestive manner, and she allowed him to fondle her breasts.

Miss Goodwin said she “positively encouraged him” and went on to allow him to watch her bathing.

She added: “He felt embarrassed as he had very little sexual experience and his first act of sexual intercourse was with Anne Lakey.”

Miss Goodwin said the whole course of conduct emerged as a result of the alleged victim searching for a nursery placement for his own daughter 23 years later.

She said: “He came across her picture and recognised her.

“There was a blog page on which she said part of her ‘raison d’etre’ was to give young people the best start in life.

“That was simply too much for him and he forwarded an email, sent on December 2, 2012, at 10.42 in the evening."

Miss Goodwin told the court his message said: “I can’t believe this woman is still working with young people.

“She shouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere near young people, especially boys.

“She had sex with me when I was only 13.”

Miss Goodwin told the jury that the message went on to say that the defendant had locked him into her house on one occasion, and the conduct took place at a time when she was married to her second husband.

The message ended: “It was without doubt against the law.

“She was, and probably still is, a disgusting sexual monster and has had an influence on how my life has worked out.

“Surely somebody, now, must bring her to justice.”

Miss Goodwin, opening the case against Ms Lakey, told the jury: “The defendant was ultimately arrested and when interviewed denied the allegations.

“She said she knew who he was and accepted he was one of the boys she had contact with.”

Miss Goodwin said Ms Lakey told police he was “generally obnoxious”, describing him as “grubby and unkempt”.

“She denied it and said there was no truth whatsoever in the allegations.

“She said she was a professional person, with an unblemished record and this was just a fantasy.”

Ms Lakey, now 54, of Oxhill Villas, Stanley, has been suspended from her role as chief executive of the Durham Federation of Schools, since the allegations were made.

The federation includes the former Fyndoune Community College in Sacriston, and Deerness Valley Comprehensive School, at Ushaw Moor, where she became head teacher in 2001.

She denies five counts of indecent assault plus four of committing or incitement to commit an act of gross indecency.

The court heard that the alleged victim was not a pupil of hers, but knew she was a teacher, at the time head of history at Sandhill View School, in Sunderland.

Her trial continues tomorrow (Wednesday, June 25) when the jury will hear the evidence of the complainant and his mother.

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