Nurse bashes hubby for loving sex too much.

A nurse at Mpilo Central Hospital continuously assaulted her hubby as a way of stopping him demanding too much sex, a court heard.

Nomaswazi Nkala, said she was now too tired of engaging sex with Dumisani Chuma.

Chuma went to court seeking a protection order.

“Your worship, I am applying for a protection order against my wife. She has been physically and emotionally abusing me.
 Nurse bashes hubby for loving sex too much.
“I have made several reports to the police of assault after she had based me. For the record she has brutally assaulted me on four different occasion and I have scars on my head as evidence of the abuse,’ said Chuma to magistare Evelyine Mashavakure.

He continued “To make matters worse, she is assaulting me in front of our daughter.”

Nkala said she would be acting in self-defence when he demands more sex sessions.

“At times I will be acting in self-defence as he will be the first to assault me. He is never at home and when he comes he is always bothering me to have sex with him.

“His persistent sex demand sometimes annoys me leading to an altercation where I end up beating him. I am tired with his incessant sex demands” .
Source: B-Metro

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