SHOCKING PICS: Evil,married Reverend BURNS ex-Lover with ACID!

A married Reverend, Rosbon Munamba, who could not stomach being dumped poured sulphuric acid on his estranged lover Rudo Bakasa aged 38 who ended up suffering 50% degree burns.

Rudo is currently battling for dear life at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare.

Rosbon Munamba who is married to another woman wanted to kill Bakasa as he tried to finish her off in hospital during a visiting hour.

Rudo struggled to communicate from her hospital bed due to the damage her left ear suffered because of the acid attack.
SHOCKING PICS: Evil,married Reverend BURNS ex-Lover with ACID!
“He would always say he would kill me if I decided to dump him but I didn’t believe him until the day he pounced on me. I had on several occasions tried to end things to the extent of changing my phone numbers but somehow he would always phone me.”

“On the day in question he attacked me, he had phoned the previous night saying that he wanted to see me,” said Bakasa.

“I told him that I would not be around since I wanted to attend a funeral in my rural home in Goromonzi.

“He asked me if I was really serious about ending the relationship and I insisted that it was over. He again started with the threats telling me that no one dumps him,” said Bakasa.

Rudo said she was shocked to find the Reverend waiting for her at the Bus Stop in Goromonzi before she managed to ask him what he wanted.

“So as we were walking towards my home, he then produced a container from his bag and tried forcing me to drink the liquid.

“Before I could even notice what was in the container he held my mouth and tried to force me to open it, he almost strangled me and because he missed my mouth part of the liquid got into my ear and the other side of the face.

“He then started pouring the rest of the liquid all over my body and I was in so much pain, I started screaming for help and immediately I was undressed I guess because of the effect of the acid.”

“I am in pain but I want you to hear my story. I am sure when people heard me screaming, they thought it was because of the funeral I was supposed to attend. I fell and I don’t know what happened next because I should have passed out. I am sure he also ran away during that time.

Rudo, a divorcee says Munamba was the go between(Munyai) when she married her then husband. Munamba also played the same role in 2010 when the two divorced. She said when she was divorced by her husband, she was told to communicate everything she wanted through Munamba. “That is when he started visiting, saying he wanted to check on the kids until we started having an affair because I used to call him Bamkuru(Brother in Law).

“I tried several times to end the relationship but he would insist that he wanted me saying that even his wife knew of the relationship,” she said.

Rudo said although he had never physically abused her before he always resorted to insults whenever they would have a fight.

Meanwhile Munamba allegedly tried to finish off his ex-lover Rudo in the hospital during visiting hour but an alert nurse foiled the attempt leading to his arrest.
The case has been recorded under Goromonzi CR 27/05/15 and Munamba is set to appear in court facing murder charges.

The man of God is a known member of the Full Gospel of Christ but was based in Botswana. Reports are that Munamba’s Passport did not have the necessary stamps to show he had crossed back into Zimbabwe leading to speculation that h had premeditated his attack on Rudo. “Obviously if he had managed to eliminate her, it was going to be difficult to pin him to the crime as his passport would show he was never in Zimbabwe during the time of the crime.”

Indications are that the Clergyman would regularly cross into Zimbabwe to be with his then lover, Rudo.

In his last Facebook post, Munamba hypocritically discusses with his followers about the Prophet Isaiah!

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