How they stage manage miracles at (PHD) Prophet Magaya's Church.

HOW WE STAGE MANAGE MIRACLES AT PHD MINISTRIES: When someone takes to the podium and stands in front of thousands of people and says that God has sent them, no one dares question for fear of being called judges. Yet questioning, is not even the same as judging. Questioning is a means of protecting oneself from being blindly led by the blind. Even if we are judging as most people may say, Paul says in 1Corinthians 6 v 2, “Don’t you realize that someday we believers will judge the world?”

As fellow believers, we are here to warn you of the blind leadership in many religious institutions purporting to be Christian as the bible dictates that we should take care of each other as believers. At PHD Ministry of deliverance, there are no real miracle healings to speak of and we will tell you why and how shortly. We have been there for over three years now and witnessed no real miracle. We have been attending almost every service and meeting since the onset and transformation of the ministry from BLCC in Chitungwiza. We are ministry workers and work closely with Walter enough to know all his dirty little secrets. In terms of Miracle healings, nothing has ever been done. In fact, a special task force was assembled by independent analysts to assess these miracles in 2014. The team made a follow up of each individual that was purported to have been healed. Especially HIV, the blind and the crippled. The report that came from their findings proved that 0% of the miracles were real. This was so because there are many associations in Zimbabwe for the blind, deaf and crippled. They wanted to verify if the miracles were real, they would refer their members to this new ministry. Unfortunately, we brided these reporters to keep their mouths shut and to keep the truth from ever coming out. No record exists at any disability organization, government department or national archives or hospital of a miracle healing by Magaya.
How they stage manage miracles at (PHD) Prophet Magaya's Church.
How they stage manage miracles at (PHD) Prophet Magaya's Church.
The only record which Magaya will probably release after this post to every newspaper in Zimbabwe as a means of counter defense will be taken from his ministry's website and facebook page which are currently littered with ungodly propaganda for marketing and sales strategies. Those that testify on his illegal TV Station and claim to have been healed are either PHD faithfools or simply people with a delusional mind. A delusional mind is when someone wants something so bad, like a healing or breakthrough to the extent that they end up lying to themselves inwardly. Gospreneurs nowadays preach fallible faith to the extremes of delusion. You will hear congregants shouting, “ We are rich, we are millionaires in the name of Jesus” when they have negative balances in their airtime accounts. They shout, “We have airplanes, we have big cars in the name of Jesus. That is not faith. That is desire, dangerous desire and that is the biggest recipe for a delusional mind. The knowledge of this fact is what opportunists like Walter Magaya have mastered. He has even openly said it during a certain question and answer session held at his premise for pastors that he preaches what the people want to hear otherwise if he preached something else, the crowds would start to disappear. The biggest cause for fake miracles is the congregants themselves who have an insatiable burning desire deeply enrooted within their hearts to have the best of everything. Their desperation for relief is what led moguls like Magaya to adopt the diabolic art of mass capitalization and extortion.

And now the brainwashed followers will not listen to any spell of reality but only the doss of fantasies dished out to them each week. “You will receive your business empire, you will receive your millions, you will receive your healing in the name of Jesus” They say in the name of Jesus. But is that what Jesus really said? Matthew 16 v 24, Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me. 25"For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.… And in Matthew 19 v 21 Jesus said to him, "If you wish to be complete, go and sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me."22But when the young man heard this statement, he went away grieving; for he was one who owned much property.…Jesus even says if your eye causes you to sin, it is better to remove it than to go to hell with both eyes (Matthew 18 v9) meaning you can enter heaven blind. Healing is not the gateway into heaven. Only salvation. The Gospreneurs, Profits and Men of Gold, Vanhu vaMari will say to you Jesus wants you to have the best of everything on this Earth and also in Heaven. But that is not even what Jesus said. That is an antichrist doctrine. Most churches have adopted this doctrine unknowingly. Jesus only said do not store up your riches here on earth but in heaven. But your preacher will tell you, “uh, um, eh there is a deep revelation right there, Eh, Jesus meant something else.” Really? Yoo. But ask about tithing and they will tell you there is no deep revelation, just go ahead and tithe. (Iyi yematithe let it be for another post) Ndoziva mune shungu dzekuziva kuti mamiracle tinomadoba sei. Regai ndichitsanangura.

There is no magic, there is no Juju, it’s all an illusion. So far as these fake miracles are concerned. Juju is used in other cases of business but not in the miracle cases. By the time there was enough money to get juju from Chipinge (not Niigeria as many think), the congregants had already been allured into the illusion tricks to the extent that there was no need to change the winning formula. Lets start with the miracle healing of the lame and the wheelchair bound.
Most of these people purported to have been healed could already walk believe it or not. They have what is called partial paralysis, meaning they can walk but not for a long distance. They are not paid by PHD in any way as far as we know; unless Walter has done it once or twice beyond our knowledge but we doubt because nothing skips our attention. These people can already walk. The reason they would have come to PHD would be because they can walk but not for a long distance without getting tired, and hence they require the use of wheelchair or crutches. Remember, the PHD services are usually very long so most sick people get tired before the service ends so they come with aids. The trick all begins during visitor/ Prayerline registration. Ever asked yourself why someone has to register for healing???
During the registration, victims that Walter will prey on are meticulously selected. People with permanent paralyses are screened off. People with permanent disability are screened. People with palsy, epilepsy and partial or permanent stroke are removed from the prayerline. Prefered candidates are those with partial paralysis, partial disability and mostly pregnant women who are expecting. Once this mastery has been done, we proceed to the service. During the service, it is now the duty of certain assigned ushers to identify the partially disabled people. Remember, most of them have a placad (paper) which they will be holding, on which their ailment would have been written during registration. When the time for healing comes and Walter starts to tell everyone in a wheel chair to get up and walk, the ushers will quickly escort the identified partially disabled people to the front. Remember, these people can already walk but they get tired after sometime. Once the person stands up and starts to walk to the front, another usher will raise the wheel chair of that person, or their crutches high into the air for the cameras. The vision mixer guy will quickly switch to another shot once the person starts to show signs of tiredness. The crowd and everyone at home will perceive in their minds that this person could not walk completely at all and that a supernatural miracle has occurred.
An announcer in the front will shout to the Profit that a miracle has happened and the Man of Gold will act surprised. Everyone, because there are hungry for a miracle, will believe that this person came to PHD unable to walk completely and now has been healed and can walk. The person will only think in their mind that they have been healed of their tiredness not the full healing. Sometimes, the Profit conducts the “Prey-line” himself. But likewise, he will identify those with partial disability and lift them up from their seats. When this happens, everyone celebrates as if this person could not stand up on their own. The act is so exalted beyond imagination even the choir starts singing and shouting to make the people believe. It’s all make-belief. Magaya likes miracles to do with pregnancy. Each time he moves his hand or speaks to the pregnant women, the baby in the womb moves. But, ladies and gentlemen, how many of you have children and don’t know that when anyone speaks to a baby in the womb, the baby moves. Even Elizabeth in the bible had the same experience. Whether uri N’anga, muroyi kana munhuwo zvake, ukaenda padumbu remukadzi akazvitakura, mwana anofamba. Zvonzi it’s a miracle. Kutowombera mawoko. Imagine. In our next post, we will explain the illusions behind the other common so called miracles at PHD. By the way, HIV is not a demon. Otherwise Satan would have used it on Job. Then why did this demon only start to appear in the 80’s. Where was this demon all along. Was it born?

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