BREAKING: Married Prison Officer's bush s3x pics with girlfriend leak (EXPLICIT PICS)

A prison officer who was only identified as PO1 Chimulambe and is reportedly stationed at Chinhoyi Prison has been arrested by Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services Police for allegedly sending his nuude and p0rn pictures.

And some pictures show Chimulambe suckin Memory's vag!na while putting on the ZPS uniform.

It is not yet clear how the pictures leaked onto social media, but the Officer identified as one Chimulambe, reportedly took the 'selfies' after baby making gymnastics and showed them to his friends, boasting of his bush sexcapades.
Married Prison Officer's bush s3x pics with girlfriend leak
Married Prison Officer's bush s3x pics with girlfriend leak
It is believed that some of the friends then leaked the pictures onto social media.

Po1 Chimulambe is currently detained at the Harare Central Prison boom gate charge office.

PO 2 Madzima from the Prison Police refused to comment on the charges being faced by Chimulambe. He referred all questions to one Superintendent Navoius.

A ring on his finger suggests that he may be part of a matrimony somewhere.

As usual, dear friends, the pictures are too explicit to be published here. Imagine some of the pictures even clearly show the woman's "very black twins", so 'black' are the 'twins' that one might think they normally get polished, be it with cobra or even black shoe polish.

On another pic, the prison officer is seen staring at the camera while feasting on the woman's well shaven "honey jar". The woman's hand is positioning the rather huge underwear well so that her sexual goodies protrude from one side in a bid to give enough room for the security official to leak on his lover's bedroom 'cookies' with his mouth.

On another photo, the woman is seen taking off her underwear. She must be very strong down there because despite the fact that she had taken off her underwear for her lover to have a feast of his lifetime, she is seem sitting on the grass with bare butt. It would be difficult not to assume that even some grass also sampled the woman's vag!na as 'punishment' for sitting on the grass.

The pictures can be downloaded from our United Kingdom Server, and if you would to see all the photos, including the NO UNDER 21 ones,

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