GRISLY PICS: Latest on Beatrice Pastor who killed Mai Mufundisi over sex.

A Beatrice pastor with Living World Church is being accused of killing his wife in cold blood following a heated misunderstanding.

32-year-old Pastor Madaliso Ranchi is said to have murdered 27-year-old Mai Mufundisi Pamela Muzondo who was employed as a general worker at Beatrice Boarding School. Pastor Ranchi is currently held at Beatrice Police Station where he is assisting police with investigations.

Mashonaland East police spokesperson Inspector Nobert Muzondo who is reportedly not related to the now deceased Mai Mufundisi Pamela Muzondo, confirmed the report saying Pastor Ranchi is yet to appear in court charged with murder.
Latest on Beatrice Pastor who killed Mai Mufundisi over sex.
"He is being held at Beatrice Police Station, awaiting to appear in court. When the accused murdered his wife, he fled to Malawi, however we tracked him and arrested him on 30 July," said the police spokesperson.

The deceased's brother, Everton Muzondo expressed his bitterness towards his mukwasha (brother-in-law) saying what he did was "callous".

"I didn't expect such kind of behaviour from a pastor. Instead of teaching people good morals he does the opposite. What he did is inhuman, I don't know what was going on between the two of them but murdering her was not the best option, our family is in pain," he said.

Everton added that he suspects that his sister was murdered on 26 July.

"I have a feeling that my sister was murdered on 26 July, because on this day, Pastor Ranchi gave his childrenUS$50 and instructed them to go to their grandmother's house. He told them that their mother was going to come home late, and the children stayed with their grandmother until 28 July," he narrated.

Everton said their mother, Gogo Laina Muzondo, reported the case to the police when she heard that her daughter was missing.

"My mother lodged a police complaint when she was told that Pamela was not coming to work," he said.

Pamela's body was later found by Beatrice Police details, stashed in a green dish under her bed.

 Preliminary evidence shows that Mai Mufundisi Pamela could have been struck by a hoe or an axe. A hoe was found at the crime scene.

A source from Beatrice who emailed us the photos, alleged that the couple had been having problems to do with sex and the mole believes that a sex argument is what made pastor Ranchi cut short his wife's life.

In our possession are four photos, two of which we have published in this article.

As usual, we are in possession of the photos of Pamela and Pastor Ranchi. We have published Pastor Ranch's photos because they are not graphic. But, we have withheld Pamela's photos because they are too grisly. One of the photos shows Pamela's lifeless body stashed in a dish full of blood. The face cannot even be seen as it is immersed in a pool of blood.

Other photos show the woman's womb ripped open and her beheaded body. Certainly the photos are not suitable to be published here as they do not conform to our editorial policy. However, we have emailed all the photos to members of Kuzeya Nyaya Forum.

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