MYSTERY DEATH . . . Girl killed in suspected Satanism ritual, friends FINGERED.

THE family of 22-year-old Fadzayi Paradzayi who was killed in a car accident together with two others in Nyanga early last month is suspecting foul play, attributing the tragedy to Satanism after unclear occurrences unfolded before the accident, at the funeral and after her burial.

Circumstances surrounding her death, according to Fadzayi’s mother, Patience Paradzayi, leave a lot to be desired particularly the unbecoming and unforthcoming behaviour of Fadzayi’s close buddies Nothando Marwa and Tafadzwa Matanhire who were with Tafadzwa during the fateful day.

Tafadzwa survived the car accident with no injuries while Nothando who was in another car which was behind allegedly witnessed the accident.

Fadzayi, the driver and another passenger died on the spot.
Information gathered by The Weekender shows that Fadzayi, Nothando popularly known as Boss Lady and Tafadzwa both from Mutare Poly had gone to Nyanga with unidentified male friends from Harare.
Fadzayi Paradzi, Bottom Left, Fadzayi’s mother!
Patience (47), in an interview at her home in Chikanga 2 on Tuesday morning believed that Tafadzwa and Nothando had more information concerning her daughter’s death, but they were not willing to divulge for reasons known to themselves.

She accused them of hiding important information concerning Fadzayi’s death.
Fadzayi a few hours before she met her fate, posed for a picture with Nothando and Tafadzwa before she sent it to her unnamed friend with the caption, “shamwari dzenhema”.

She later called her friend asking her to listen to the song “Itai Ndione” by dancehall crooner Killer T before she changed her WhatsApp status to “Ita Ndione” which is still visible on her Econet WhatsApp number. In the song, Killer T, queries if his friends are real.
He sings: “Shamwari dzangu chaidzo ndedzipi apa . . . Itai Ndione.”

About two hours before her death, she also sent a selfie to her mother, who was on her way from Musina before her line went unreachable.
Strangely, Nothando and Tafadzwa did not attend Fadzayi’s funeral proceedings and burial, a development that left the Paradzayi family with more questions than answers.
She was laid to rest at Yeovil Cemetery.

Nothando and Tafadzwa and the unidentified driver allegedly drove off from the accident scene leaving Fadzayi stuck in the car and proceeded to a party in Nyanga.
When contacted for comment on Monday, Tafadzwa refused to talk.
“I don’t have any comment over that issue,” said Tafadzwa.
The dreadlocked Nothando who had earlier on promised to meet The Weekender for an interview later refused to comment.

“I don’t have anything to say,” said Nothando popularly known as Boss Lady.
The visibly dejected Patience said Fadzayi started behaving strangely a few days before she died after she had received a weird Satanism video on a WhatsApp group.

“I am still confused and traumatised,” said Patience.
“A day before she passed on. She had seen me off to Musina and her friends started calling her asking her to accompany them to Nyanga to a certain party. I learnt that the girls were her former schoolmates at Hartzell High School. She took her car (Mazda Demio) and left it at Tafadzwa’s residence before they proceeded to Nyanga. I later received a call on my way back from Musina that Fadzayi had passed on in accident on her way from Nyanga.

“One witness, a police officer who was driving behind, told me that the car that Fadzayi, Tafadzwa, the driver and another man were in was part of a convoy made up of four cars.

“He witnessed the accident and he said he saw four men coming out of the other cars looking closely at the car which had overturned.

“He heard one of the men saying: ‘Don’t release any information, it’s over’. And when I was still confused, at the funeral, Fadzayi’s friend gave me a picture she sent her saying “hona vanhu vandinavo, Ndichazokutaurira,” she said.

My husband and other relatives visited Nothando at Mutare Poly and tried to ask her about what really transpired, but she was not forthcoming and was jittery.

“She first denied knowing anything about the accident. She said she did not know much about Fadzayi. She also denied ever going to Nyanga before she later divulged that they went together to Nyanga with other men from Harare. She said she disembarked from the car that was involved in the car accident after realising that the driver was speeding. Shortly after disembarking from the car, the car was involved in the fatal accident. Strange indeed! She refused to tell any one of us who the other men were.

“Tafadzwa quickly got into the car and the convoy drove away — minus the Toyota Noah the deceased were driving in. They went to the dinner party and went back to the accident scene. Imagine no one instantly acted and reported the accident to police. Up to now I don’t know about the coloured man who gave my relatives just before burial Fadzayi’s belongings which included her driver’s licence and handbag. Her cell phone was never recovered. Police never came to me with reports of their findings and I keep asking myself if this accident was real or an act of Satanism. I am really pained and still confused. I believe if there is something fishy that happened, the truth shall come out,” said Patience.

In last week’s Manica Post copy, in the classified section, the Paradzayi family issued out a memorial note describing Tafadzwa and Nothando as “friends of the dark and the underworlds”.

The notice reads: “Paradzayi Family would like to thank relatives and friends for the last respect to our daughter. Being lured by friends of the dark and underworlds, shamwari dzenhema Tafadzwa Matanhire and Nothando Marwa. May You have everlasting life. R.I.P FADZANAI”

Source: Manica Post

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