At Least 1 Million To Attend PHD Prayer Meeting Says Prophet Magaya

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader Walter Magaya has said at least 1 million people will attend his prayer meeting dubbed Night of Turnaround 4 on November 6.

Last year, the event attracted an estimated crowd of 350 000 people but Magaya believes the turnout would balloon this year.

Magaya said preparations for the event were already at an advanced stage with contractors clearing the space behind his Waterfalls church and across Mukuvisi into Highfield.
At Least 1 Million To Attend PHD Prayer Meeting Says Prophet Magaya
Speaking to journalists after a church service on Wednesday, the charismatic preacher was optimistic he would host the biggest congregations ever in the country.

“Last year I spoke about a million (people) and I am seeing them coming without a doubt. We are taking every chair in Zimbabwe and we are trying by all means to make this happen,” he said.

“We are clearing the ground as far as Machipisa (in Highfield) to make sure we can accommodate everyone here. We are putting floodlights in the area so that there will be enough lighting for our guests. Information on the church’s website also shows that they are expecting a better event than last year.”

He added: “Night of Turnaround 3 brought forth thousands upon thousands of testimonies and this year we expect even more because we move from one level of glory to the next in the name of Jesus Christ. Be sure not to miss out, come and grab your own healing, deliverance, miracle, breakthrough and, above all, turnaround in each and every area of your life.”

Magaya recently toured Botswana and South Africa where he held crusades in Gaborone and Pretoria respectively.

He is planning another crusade in Tanzania and the United States before year-end and a major one in the United Kingdom early next year.

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