Killer T’ s Girlfriend Dies In A Car Crash

At just 18 years of age, Mitchell Kambanga was a happy girl, who loved to have fun and her friends, those who last saw her alive say.

This comes as friends piece together her last moments alive before an unfortunate and fatal Monday night crash.

Mimi, as she was affectionately known by her friends and those she associated with, visited Mbare on Monday a few hours before the horrendous accident where she hit an electricity power line with a Toyota Chaser along Gleneagles Road in Harare on her way back home that night.

Her death has puzzled many in the high-density suburb amid claims she was drunk.
Killer T’ s Girlfriend Dies In A Car Crash
“She was here in Mbare and looked tipsy. Actually, she should not have been driving,” one of her friends told NewsDay yesterday, as the pain and anguish of a girl gone-too-soon set in.

Most of her friends are young and still in high school and they are still shocked by her death.

Tawanda Kamwendo, popularly known as DJ MaLovers, is counting himself lucky to be alive.

He could have been in the car that crashed and claimed Mimi’s life on Monday.

“I was supposed to be in that car. She came to Mbare and we bade each other farewell as she left for her home,” he told NewsDay yesterday.

News of Mimi’s accident has been circulating on the social media platform WhatsApp and a beautiful picture of her smiling has been splashed all over.

Zimdancehall star, Kelvin Kusikwenyu, popularly known as Killer T, witnessed the accident, as he was driving close by.

He says he phoned the police and took the girl to hospital.

Social media reports earlier claimed Killer T had died in the accident on Monday night.

“Killer T was nearby and actually contacted police and took the girl to hospital,” a close friend of the Zimdancehall star said.

Killer T told NewsDay that Mimi was a fan of his music. He said she was an avid follower and that she sometimes attended his shows.

“She was a fan whom I knew and she followed our music closely that she sometimes would come to see us record at the studio,” Killer T said.

Eddmore Nyakabau remembered Mimi as a jovial girl from the days she used to board his kombi on her way to school at Girls High.
At just 18 years of age, Mitchell Kambanga was a happy girl, who loved to have fun and her friends, those who last saw her alive say.
He said Mimi was popular and enjoyed life as a young girl.

“I know her from my days in the transport industry. She was a popular girl, who was happy,” he said.

Her death has raised concerns over alleged drunken behaviour among college and school-going children.

But for Mimi’s friends, death has come too soon and she has literally been snatched away from them.

Reports say an unnamed man died in the vehicle that she was driving after it rammed into the electricity powerline, subsequently setting it ablaze.

A message on a WhatsApp group says her parents were distraught by her death, as she had brought out some clothes for laundry before she visited Mbare, where she went to Hot Property studios.

A witness said she was speeding when she left Mbare for home.

Source: Newsday

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