EXPOSED - The Truth Behind Prophet Magaya’s Surprise Visit To Prophet Makandiwa’s Church

The recent surprise visit by PHD leader Prophet Walter Magaya to his UFIC counterpart Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has more to it than the eye can see. 

Unconfirmed reports from a reliable source inside PHD has revealed to the Headboy news that things had heated up in the Magaya camp as investigations on the advert scandal, were swiftly closing in and were about to pop the can of warms behind the matter.
The Truth Behind Prophet Magaya’s Surprise Visit To Prophet Makandiwa’s Church
Late last year a local paper ran a full page advert congratulating Makandiwa for coming third on the Zimbabwe most influential list, an unofficial listing that was done buy a Zimbabwean individual based in the UK. The advert looked like it was done by the UFIC church members but investigations were revealing otherwise.

Mr Mberi who PHD denied knowledge of is said to have approached the local paper with a soft copy of the advert to be placed on a full page and left the newsroom with questions as some of them personally knew him as a member of PHD.The UFIC spokesperson Prime Kufakunesu then put a full page press statement distancing UFIC and its members from the advert, calling it an act of terror by the enemy.

The investigations to the matter, were going to expose many other things that were going to damage the image of Prophet Magaya. This prompted Magaya to seek audience with Prophet Makandiwa to do it himself ”said the source. Before the surprise visit Magaya went on to the media and published a u-turn statement where he confirmed knowledge of Mberi who flighted the advert and went on to say the man is a full member and employee of PHD ministries and he also apologised to Makandiwa and his followers for the incident.

This left analysts arguing that the advert was Magaya’s project which went wrong mainly because they had underestimated UFIC. Rumours have always said that the two churches and their leaders don’t see eye to eye and the appearance of Magaya at UFIC came as a shock to many including those from his own church.
The Truth Behind Prophet Magaya’s Surprise Visit To Prophet Makandiwa’s Church
The Headboy news interviewed a few members of PHD to get their view of the visit by their leader and most revealed that they were shocked when they learnt about it because they had heard their Prophet (Magaya) saying all sorts of bad things about Makandiwa on the pulpit and “most of us now believed that VaMakandiwa is a bad person and now I think our leader(Magaya) could have been given wrong information”.

The visit also came barely a month after we had reported that PHD’s most powerful leaders Pastor Max Tengwana and Mr. Chitima had left PHD for UFIC under unclear circumstances and their numbers provided to us for comments are not going through.
Source: The Headboy

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