Prophet Makandiwa prophesies end to economic woes

UNITED Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa says current economic challenges will soon be a thing of the past as things will dramatically improve in the near future.

Delivering the prophecy at a UFIC partners’ church service in Harare last Tuesday, Prophet Makandiwa said Zimbabwe’s situation – including cash shortages – would not last long. He, however, did not explain how this would happen or provide a timeframe though he assured congregants that things were set to change for the better.

He explained that a prophecy may not happen overnight but would surely come to pass, adding that some of the prophecies he delivered before had started coming to fulfilment.

“The US dollar is coming back to Zimbabwe in abundance and things will certainly change,” said Prophet Makandiwa, adding “The industries which are closed will reopen and function normally; the companies will be operating fully such that the industries will be going out to look for employees instead of employees hunting for jobs.”

The prophecy received wild cheers from thousands of UFIC members at City Sports Centre.
Prophet Makandiwa prophesies end to economic woes
“There will be a positive transformation in this nation. God will partner with you. In short time from now you will notice that your family members cannot do without you.

“Some of you will put up structures, shopping malls and hospitals. God is not a man that he should lie, whatever He says He can do it.

“You are a city you are the light, you are salt, and your mission is to flavour the environment

“Father we thank you for this grace that is transporting your people into places. Our people shall be represented in every sector.

“If there is any witchcraft, it cannot survive your presence. You will influence your environment until they act like you,” Prophet Makandiwa said.

A fortnight ago, Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya also prophesied that the economy would improve.

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