Businessman fined for adultery

A CIVIL court has ordered a Shurugwi businessman to pay four head of cattle for bedding a fellow businessman’s wife.

Shurugwi Civil Court Magistrate Mrs Evia Matura upheld an earlier ruling by Chief Ndanga for Daniel Hapazari, who runs grocery and bottle stores in Shurugwi, to pay three beasts to Mr Admire Magocha who runs a furniture and clothing business for bedding the latter’s wife Tsitsi Makonese.

The fourth beast will go to the chief’s court.
Businessman fined for adultery
Hapazari had appealed to the civil court against the chief’s ruling, but did not attend Thursday’s hearing.

“The matter is dismissed,” said Mrs Matura.

In his notice of appeal, Hapazari had said Chief Ndanga had no jurisdiction to hear a matter between parties that lived in Shurugwi town, which he said was outside the traditional leader’s territorial jurisdiction.
“The chief’s court overstepped its territorial jurisdiction. The trial chief court erred when it directed appellant to pay one beast to the chief. There is no basis why the appellant must pay one beast,” said Hapazari.

“Appellant did not receive a fair trial because he was not given an opportunity to give his side of the story.”

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