Gokwe wife drags hubby to court over poor bedroom service

In a bizarre incident that has left Nemangwe villagers in Gokwe shocked , a 53-year-old woman was found with a male sexual organ which she was using ‘to centrally lock her husband from enjoying bedroom relations with his younger wife.

It was revealed at Chief Nemangwe court that the scorned woman, Cecilia Mbano was the owner of a male bedroom tool that rendered her husband useless whenever he wanted to be intimate with his younger wife, Chipo Moyo.

Moyo was upset with Mbano as she is the one who advised her to marry Albert Taurwa to stop him from marrying her younger sister.
Gokwe wife drags hubby to court over poor bedroom service
Moyo told the court that she was forced into the marriage as Mbano could not stomach sharing a husband with her younger sibling.

Narrating her ordeal to the court, Moyo said she started having issues with her husband when he started denying her conjugal rights and he went on to urinate on her private parts as punishment for demanding sex from him.

That was not the only problem, Moyo soon discovered that her new husband was also ‘very useless’ in bed as he could not get it up.

“Each time we attempted to have sex his manhood would become powerless,” she said.

During the court proceedings the older wife Cecilia Mbano confessed that she possessed a big male bedroom tool that was responsible for rendering her husband useless in bed.

Mbano caused a stare at the Chief Nemangwe courts when she produced a huge male bedroom weapon as evidence.

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