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    Saturday, 18 June 2016

    Gymnast Louis Smith Under Fire After Posting Picture Of 16-Year-Old Gymnast's Bum

    British gymnast and Olympic medallist Louis Smith has faced some backlash after he seemingly sexualised a 16-year-old athlete on Instagram.

    The 27-year-old posted a zoomed in photograph of US gymnast Carly Patterson's bum, with the caption 'My sport has its moments', along with an incredibly creepy tongue pulling emoji.
    Gymnast Louis
    Louis became inundated with tweets calling him out on the fact Carly was 16 at the time the photo was taken. She's now 28, but it's very odd he chose this picture from so long ago.
    Credit: The Sun
    Replying to a tweet, the Team GB Olympian said: "how was I to know she was 16!?", before refusing to apologise. The tweet and Instagram post have since been deleted.

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