John Cena Receives An Interesting “Welcome Back” Present During His WWE RAW RETURN

Yesterday [Monday, May 30] was a major day to pay tribute to fallen soldiers (Memorial Day) while celebrating the return of one of wrestling’s hottest superstars.

Last night during a live telecast of WWE Raw, John Cena made his return to action since his surprising cameo at Wrestlemania 32, when he helped The Rock fight off the creepy and mysterious Wyatt Family.
John Cena Receives An Interesting “Welcome Back” Present During His WWE RAW RETURN
Expected to make a full comeback in nine months after his shoulder surgery in January, Cena defied all odds to make his epic return back into the ring and the crowd went wild. Fans went bananas when AJ Styles decided to confront Cena to let him know that the “new era” is here to stay.

With the WWE planning to reinstall the company’s draft, fans are skeptical of how and where Cena will land, seeming very intrigued with his new feud with the league’s brightest superstars such as AJ Styles and the Bullet Club. Will “The Face of WWE” end up on Smackdown on Tuesday nights, fighting his way to a record setting 16 World Heavyweight championship belts under his resumé? Or will he remain at Raw and let AJ Styles prove to him and fans why he was regarded as the best wrestling free agent? Only time will tell but until then, welcome back John. Get well, champ!

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