SA woman divorce Zim man because his sex organ is too BIG

Pretoria: A South African woman has approached a Pretoria Court asking for divorce from her Zimbabwean husband of three days.

The woman shocked the court gallery on Monday upon revealing that her new husband is very gifted as he carries a massive pe-nis that makes life very painful in the bedroom.

After 1 day of marriage the shocked woman told her family and friends that she was sore and bruised after her honeymoon.
SA woman divorce Zim man because his sex organ is too BIG
The husband agreed with the wife’s claims that he is too big for an average woman.

He however demanded that the woman’s family pay back all the money he paid for lobola dowry. has been bombarded with requests to reveal the names of the couple who are involved and we can only refer you to Pretoria Courts where you can get all details about the identities of the people involved.

The judge told the woman to seek medical assistance for her problem.

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