‘Woman appearing in Lumumba sex video breathes fire’

THE 26-YEAR-OLD woman who has been implicated on social media as the one who featured on Acie Lumumba sex tape, has opened up and distanced herself from the video

Lisa Chiriseri,who made a name through her organisation Fund Children Education Zimbabwe, said she has become the latest victim of cyber bullying because of her position in the society.

In Christian circles,Lisa is well-known since she is the eldest daughter to Apostle Charles and Petunia Chiriseri, founders of His Presence Ministries International Church.

“It is clear for everyone who saw those pictures and video that I am not the one on that recording. “That lady is light and I am dark,she has a bigger frame than mine and our facial appearances are totally different,we don’t have any similarities at all.
“I think I was implicated in all this because I am a public figure in my own right.
‘Woman appearing in Lumumba sex video breathes fire’
“I am the founder of Fund Children Education Zimbabwe(FACEZ)and my parents are the leaders of His Presence Ministries International church.

“Because of these positions I have in the society,I am a well-known person in Christian circles as well as in works of philanthropy. “When you are a public figure you are on the spot light and you can easily fall victim to social media,”she said. When asked about her association with Lumumba Lisa said she knew him through her lines of development and philanthropy work.

“My circles of interaction are quite small,mostly with close friends family and people from church.Despite my busy schedule and public image I am a fairly reserved person.My work and church commitments take up 99 percent of my time. “People who are spreading those malicious rumours on social media could have seen me with Lumumba and made their own assumptions.However,I hope those people will use that same reasoning ability in realizing the simple fact that I am not the girl in the video and therefore do not deserve all this attention.” Speaking on the damage that the speculation has made Lisa said:

“I’m not easily affected by rumours;it helps that this particular one has nothing to do with me.I’m confident in who I am.

“My only concern has been the people who see me as a role model that haven’t yet received the full story.I was also concerned about people from my church and how they would take it.I am grateful that they have all stood with in confidence and prayer with me.They are as shocked as I was by the allegations.

“But as the scriptures say,I know all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purposes,”she said. Lisa also called upon Zimbabweans to report the information about her which is circulating on social media.

“This is just a media campaign meant to tarnish my image and to those who wish to help me,they can best do it by reporting the messages on various media platforms so that they get pulled down.” Meanwhile,His Presence Ministries issued out a statement encouraging to report the scam.

“Greetings Saints;

“We are aware that there are malicious rumours circulating about Lisa.We are also aware that many of you have seen the pictures in the H-Metro paper or the video;it is clear that the girl is not Lisa .What you can do is report these malicious posts(if they are on social media)so that they are blocked or removed by Facebook authorities etc.You can correct the misconception if you receive the rumours on whatsapp or any other platforms as someone has tried to implicate our church.Let’s also take this up in prayer,”read the statement.

Source-H metro

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