CHEATING MAN Shocks Wife On Facebook

MVUSELELO (43) and his wife Nontsikelelo Qolwana (42) had a good marriage of 14 years that blessed them with three kids.

But then her husband started cheating on her and she felt betrayed. To add insult to injury, he announced his engagement to his nyatsi on Facebook last week for all to see!

Heartbroken Nontsikelelo told Daily Sun she knew her husband was cheating.

She said his cheating ways started five years ago when he told her he wanted to take a second wife like his dad had done.
CHEATING MAN Shocks Wife On Facebook
Nontsikelelo, from Motherwell kasi in Port Elizabeth, said: “I had forgiven his cheating habits, but what he did last Tuesday was too much. A friend told me she saw on my husband’s Facebook page that he had announced his engagement to his nyatsi, but I did not believe her.”

But then she looked up the page herself. “The message read: ‘I’m so happy I’m getting married.’ I confronted him about it, but he denied everything. I got angry and broke his cellphone and SIM card,” she said.

She said she believes her lack of education is one of the reasons her husband wants another wife: “I am just a hawker who sells fat cakes and ginger beer at the local taxi rank and I can’t speak English,” she said.

“He always tells me that his nyatsi is beautiful and educated,” she said.

She vowed not to share her husband.

“I will not be part of a polygamous marriage,” she said.

When Daily Sun spoke to Mvuselelo he confirmed that he was engaged to be married to his nyatsi. “I shared the news about our engagement on Facebook. I am not going to divorce my wife. To have a second, young wife is my final decision. She must accept it!”

The alleged nyatsi denied knowing the husband, and before she dropped the phone she said she was not engaged to anyone. Daily Sun

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