Judge Throws Book At Rapist

A SERIAL rapist who targeted young girls was yesterday sentenced to 12 life terms. In a packed Vereeniging High Court, Judge Kobus Strydom sentenced Moeketsi Monyake (34) to a life term for each of the 12 girls he raped in Sharpeville and neighbouring Vaal kasis.

Moeketsi was sentenced to an additional 35 years for kidnapping and three months for sexual assault.

The judge denied Moeketsi leave to appeal against his conviction or sentence.

Strydom said Moeketsi would be put on the registry of sexual offenders and would be declared unfit to work with kids. He said Moeketsi thought he was untouchable when he kidnapped and raped the children of families he knew. The 39-year-old mum of one of the raped girls said she was not happy with the sentencing.
Jude Throws Book At Rapist
“I hope God helps us to forgive him for the situation he has put these kids in.

“What he did was very traumatic and they will never forget it,” she said.

Another mum said she was happy her child’s rapist would be going to prison for the rest of his life, but her child’s future was doomed.

“He left my child HIV-positive. My child doesn’t have a future,” she said.

The weeping mum said it was really sad to know the person who hurt her child was a friend of her brother.

“My daughter needs special attention as she is very slow at school. This incident has damaged her tremendously,” she said.

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