Storm As Man Brings Smallhouse Home - Introduces Her As His Niece

A city woman has claimed her husband brought his lover home and lied she was his niece and the two women are now at odds.

Elizabeth Fumero revealed this at the civil court where Ayisha Jera sought a protection order against her.

Elizabeth argued that if she had intentions of killing Ayisha she had the chance to do so but never used it.

“This woman was brought into my house by my husband and was introduced as his niece. I lived with her for three months and only came to know the true nature of their relationship when she got pregnant.
Storm As Man Brings Smallhouse Home - Introduces Her As His Niece
“My husband then told me that she was not a relative but rather a second wife he had brought home. I did not even attack her. I was angry and I left the house. I never said anything to them. I am still married to my husband.

“When I left I did not take any of my property. I left them using my things. Why would I hurt her now and yet when I was supposed to and I did not? She is just a husband snatcher who expected me to react badly,” she said.
Ayisha alleged that Elizabeth threatened her with death following an argument over their husband.

“She has threatened to kill me and I am afraid that she will do it. She is of a violent disposition and I want to be protected from her.

“She insults me like I am a dog. Most of the time she calls me a prostitute and it hurts me a lot. She has not yet come to terms with the fact that we share the same man.

“She is an aggressive woman who is bitter that her husband lied to her about me. May the court protect me from her because I am now afraid of staying with her in the same house,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza granted Ayisha the protection order she sought.
Source: H Metro

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