Escaped Uganda prisoner posed as ‘prophet’ in Zimbabwe and drew large crowds in Waterfalls

A Ugandan prisoner who escaped from jail in September 2014 and went to Zimbabwe via Tanzania, successfully set up a church that drew large crowds in Waterfalls, Harare while he posed as ‘Prophet Paul Williams’.

Pastor William Muwanguzi known as ‘Kiwedde’ was arrested by police in Zimbabwe on the 29th of October (2016) alongside his associate Pastor Josephs. Both men were arrested for entering the country using fake passports and other travel documents. At the time no one in Zimbabwe knew that Muwanguzi had escaped from Mutukula Prison in Uganda.

A collaboration between Zimbabwean and Ugandan police through International Police (Interpol) led to the repatriation of Muwanguzi who will now be charged with escape from lawful custody. A report by the New Vision website in Uganda says he has now been transferred to Rakai Police Station following his repatriation to Uganda.

According to the New Vision report “Muwanguzi made his way out of Mutukula Prison on 21 September under unclear circumstances. At least three prison officers were watching over the some inmates in the sick bay when Muwanguzi escaped. He then took advantage of a security lapse and disappeared mysteriously.”

Frank Baine, the Uganda Prisons Service public relations officer is quoted saying “When inmates escape and eventually re-arrested, they are taken back on a bigger sentence. The period they spend outside after breaking out, is added to the old and the new sentence.”

Meanwhile scores of foreign pastors, particularly those from Western African countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana and Democratic Republic of Congo, have been flocking to Zimbabwe and establishing their churches. Most of them claim miracle working power. The example of ‘Prophet Paul Williams’ is bound to create room for reflection. 
Escaped Uganda prisoner posed as ‘prophet’ in Zimbabwe and drew large crowds in Waterfalls

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