‘British serviceman Malema, hands off Mugabe!’

The party says the EFF leader is serving the British by calling for ‘regime change’.

“Mugabe is the only revolutionary leader who has successfully returned the land of his people,” declared fringe political party Black First Land First (BLF) in a statement.

This was in response to EFF leader Julius Malema’s recent call for Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to step down.

The EFF leader said this while addressing party supporters during their memorial for late Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

The BLF argues Malema was only fulfilling his services to the British when he voted for the Democratic Alliance (DA) to lead in the three of the country’s bid metros.

The party also alleges that removing Mugabe from power would merely be carrying out the desires of Robin Renwick, a former British ambassador to South Africa during the period leading up to the release of Nelson Mandela.

To read more about BLF leader Andile Mngxitama’s conspiracy theory about Renwick’s alleged role in making the EFF side with the DA, click here: ‘London has spoken’ in EFF-DA agreement, says Mngxitama.

The BLF suggests “imperialism” turned to the EFF after former Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele’s “failed attempt to legitimise the racist settler colonial party”, the DA.

“Malema has been brazen in his service to British imperialism since the EFF leadership held a secret meeting with the representatives of the British crown in October 2015 at Chatham House in London. The call to support regime change in Zimbabwe in service of imperialism and colonialism was given by the expert in regime change and trusted servant of British imperialism, Lord Robin Renwick.

“Calling for President Mugabe to step down is merely carrying out the desires of Robin Renwick. Mugabe is the only revolutionary leader who has successfully returned the land of his people. British colonialists and imperialists are trying hard to reverse the gains of the Zimbabwean chimurenga. These evil forces have found a willing agent in Malema.

“It must be remembered that it is Malema’s party which has given power to whites in the metropolitan cities. This was yet again another desire by British imperialism. After the failed attempt to legitimise the racist settler colonial party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), with Dr Mamphele Ramphele, imperialism turned to the EFF and Malema delivered. Today the most critical metros are under the DA, thanks to Malema.

“It was during a supposed memorial service of the late comrade Fidel Castro that this call for Zimbabwe’s regime change in service of imperialism was made, thus spitting in the face of the memory of the most important anti-imperialist of our time – Castro.

“Mugabe, like Castro, has defied imperialism successfully. Cuba and Zimbabwe are under permanent sanctions and their economies are under imperialist assault 350 days of the year. Zimbabwe needs solidarity against imperialism, not calls for regime change to colonise that brave nation again.
‘British serviceman Malema, hands off Mugabe!’
“BLF rejects with absolute contempt the regime change calls by Malema and his EFF. We call upon Malema to abandon imperialism and return to the oath of revolution starting with rejecting the neo-colonial anti-black coalition with the DA.” citizen.co.za

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