Bishop Ezekiel Guti, Prophet Magaya, Prophet Makandiwa Prophecies On 2017

Whilst the nation was celebrating entering 2017, different church denominations conducted crossover night services on New Year’s eve where the church leaders predicted what 2017 has in store.

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Leader Prophet Walter Magaya who leads the biggest congregation in the country declared that 2017 will be a year of shifting to higher levels and maintaining them.

Speaking to his followers at his church premise in Waterfalls, Prophet Magaya said they will be enough God’s grace in 2017 which will enable people to upgrade themselves in all areas of their lives.

Prophet Magaya added that those who will enjoy the grace are those who believe in his prophecies.

ZAOGA Forward in Faith leader Arch Bishop Ezekiel Guti said 2017 will be a year where those who have will have more whilst those who don’t have anything will lose what they have.

Through a letter he wrote which was distributed to all church branches around the world, Archbishop Guti said if you have wasted what God had given you then you will leave in lack this year but if you have utilized it, you will have abundance.

United Family International Church (UFIC) leader prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa said 2017 will be a year of greater Life.
Prophet Makandiwa said, despite the economic challenges that the country is facing, those who are under his covering will have a greater life.

The service was conducted at his 10 thousand-sitter auditorium in Chitungwiza.

Goodness and Mercy Ministries leader Tapiwa Freddy who is famed with his Spiritual Spectacles miracles declared that 2017 will be a year of remembrance for God’s people.

Prophet Freddy stated that people who have been doing good things will be remembered by God in 2017.

Despite the rains which drizzled on his followers who were at the overflow, the man of cloth managed to keep them focused on his sermon.

Celebration Church leader Pastor Tom Deuschle declared that 2017 is the year of the Word of the crowned King.

In his sermon at his church premise in Borrowdale, the man of cloth said the crowned King was Jesus Christ whilst the sword symbolised judgement.

he said2017 will be year when the judgements of Jesus Christ will prevail.

Pastor Tom’s declaration were also publicized through the live broadcast on Star FM.

His Presence Ministries International church leader Apostle Commissioner Petunia Chiriseri said 2017 will be year for the manifestation of the sons of God.

Apostle Petunia, who lost her husband and core founder of the church Apostle Charles Chiriseri five in September last year, said evangelism should be number one priority to Christians.

Kingdom Embassy leader prophet Passion Java said 2017 will be the year of giving birth.

The man of cloth said previous years, the nation was facing different harsh experiences but results of those experiences will be seen in 2017.

Christendom has been on the spotlight in 2016 due to scandals committed by different church leaders and miracles performed in churches.

Bishop Ezekiel Guti, Prophet Magaya, Prophet Makandiwa Prophecies On 2017
What also made Christianity topical were the prophetic utterances made by different man of cloth which at times failed to came to pass.

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