Bishop Takaedza Gwaze Of New Revelations Ministries In ‘Kiss’ Scandal

Founding pastor of New Revelations Ministries church in Zengeza 1 in Chitungwiza, Bishop Takaedza Gwaze, is being accused of making se_xual advances to a congregant. 

However, Bishop Takaedza said his hands were clean and there were people bent on destroying him and his church.

“You were paid to destroy my church I know. Why is it you see a story where I am telling you that there is no story,” he said before requesting for a round table with the victim and her relatives which he failed to attend.

Sometime last year Bishop Takaedza is alleged to have invited his victim, who cannot be named, to his Glen Lorne home on the pretext of helping him with household chores. The victim was in the company of another girl where they would occasionally spend weekends at the man of cloth’s house. It is during one of the visits that Bishop Takaedza is said to have tried to kiss one of the girls as she was on her way down stairs to fetch some water.

The case was reported at St’Marys police station CR 14 4/01/17. Bishop Takaedza however denies making any attempts to kiss the victim while volunteering other unsolicited information during an interview as he described the whole saga as a way to pull down his person and the church.

“I was on the ground floor and Bishop followed me, he touched me on my shoulders and said he wanted to teach me how to kiss as he tried to kiss me,” said the victim. The victim said she then abandoned her mission to fetch water and went to her bedroom.

“I resisted his advances and went back to the room we were using. From that day I never went back to his house again,” the victim said.

The victim said she told the other girl she was sharing the room with what had transpired.

“I told my friend what had happened and she asked why I had refused saying she had also been kissed at one time”. She said she told the bishop’s wife Magaret Takaedza of what had transpired and both the bishop and his wife asked for forgiveness.

“I was called to their bedroom by Mai Takaedza and Bishop Takaedza knelt down begging for forgiveness. He said he did not know what had gotten into him to try and kiss me. Because I was at their place of residence I just bowed to what they said and then left the next day,” said the victim. The victim said the bishop’s wife came to their home in Zengeza where she asked for forgiveness from her sister-in-law Dorren Lameck.

“Mai mufundisi came and talked to me over what had transpired and asked for forgiveness. When I heard of what had transpired from the victim I then stopped going to church. Then one day mai Takaedza came and asked for forgiveness, “Doreen said.

Mai Takaedza professed ignorance over efforts by bishop Takaedza to ask for forgiveness at their Glen Lorne home. She also said she had visited Doreen on other issues and not the se_xual advance case.

“I have never convened a platform for Bishop to ask for forgiveness neither did I go the victim’s place to ask her sister-in-law for forgiveness. These are the words of people trying to pull down the church,” she said.
Bishop Takaedza Gwaze Of New Revelations Ministries In ‘Kiss’ Scandal
Source: H Metro

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