More to Andy Muridzo Bev sex saga than meets the eye

So it is now apparent.

When everyone wanted to know what Andy Muridzo wanted to say when he said he was intrigued by an avocado so much that he equated it to a woman of his dreams, the now troubled young singer might well have been referring to the size of the opening he was going into to seek pleasure.

But the avocado has a mouth as open as their pleasure hole after Bev spilt the beans on her sex jaunts with Andy and now claims to be pregnant by him.

And Andy Muridzo is WHISTLING…all the way to Facebook live where he has had to try and explain himself to his fans. But it is a mess.

His media relations skills have never been intelligent. 

Come to think of it a lot about Andy Muridzo has hardly been intelligent.

And most notable was his decision to stand under Jah Prayzah’s umbrella.

As the biggest danger to Jah Prayzah’s career, Andy Muridzo should know better than to sup with the high riding J.P without doubt. But to sign with Military Touch Movement- Jah Prayzah’s team of starlets, signing beyond 2020 showed that Andy’s brain was whistling with air.

For a start, it would be tantamount to having MDC contracting Zanu PF to manage their election campaign and messaging.

Like God ordering takeaway from Lucifer. These are competing brands and not complementing ones. 

There is a saying. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Jah has proven a genius at doing that.

And now the conspiracy theorists are on the prowl and with a lot of sense too.

First, the mainstream media has been kind to Jah Prayzah and he almost can do no wrong. And suddenly a member of his team has gotten a big blow. Who could know this secret which Andy claims is an OLD story? Could the enemy be someone close to Andy Muridzo?

Why would a member of the venerated Jah Prayzah’s movement be picked out of the herd so quickly and get such a mauling?

And why is it that when Jah Prayzah had his Gonyeti shenanigans he was mum but hours after the Bev story broke out Andy Muridzo was ‘advised’ to go before Facebook live WITHOUT a pre-written statement so that he has the risk of making an off the cuff wrong statement?

And all the while a big poster of Jah Prayzah was belittling him towering from behind him.

If Jah Prayzah’s management think it is a bad idea to explain off scandals live on a social network for Jah Prayzah, why is it a good idea for Andy?

Someone is feeding Andy Muridzo deadly concotions of advice. And it is killing him. For Andy to suggest he had UNPROTECTED sex with Bev, Russian roulette in the arts industry, and Andy followed the bad advice of peers, shows you that Andy Muridzo is one sandwich short of a picnic basket and one inch short of an inch. Dunderhead excuse for a dunderhead act.

And he should shoulder the blame. Just because Andy successfully ‘explained’ his misdeed to his wife Mai Keke doesn’t mean a Bev Sibanda pregnancy will mysteriously disappear because you said sorry.

There is need to fully prove himself as not being the father of the bun in Bev Sibanda’s oven and ONLY DNA evidence can fix that. In the meantime he is an expecting daddy.

And when he goes to sleep at night he should remind himself that it is never a good idea to tread where bottles fear to tread.

That, and also ask himself if he is with the right company or has just boarded his train to the music industry equivalent of a Nazi concentration camp!

Andy Muridzo has been embroiled in a sex scandal with raunchy dancer Bev after signing under Jah Prayzah (left) 
Source: Robert Mukondiwa Is A Private Citizen, Author of The Judas Files, Journalist, Media Anthropologist. Media Strategist. Thinker - Robert Mukondiwa

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