The Makings Of A Prophet: One-On-One With Prophet Passion Java

Makamba Online was recently accorded an exclusive one-on-one with the young charismatic prophet, evangelist, businessman, fashion designer, husband, father and general overseer of Passion Java ministries, Passion Java.

You will remember that Prophet Java made headlines for predicting the death of former head of state of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, six months before it happened. He also predicted that American president, Barack Obama, would not only be in attendance at the funeral but also be granted the opportunity to address mourners. To others, Prophet Java has prophesied how and when both men and women would meet their life partners, with one such couple coming to testify during his recent visit to South Africa.

In true Passion Java style, he arrived for our interview immaculately dressed, on time and appeared very calm and composed. Having being brought up in a Christian family in Zimbabwe; two of his older brothers are in ministry, his sister leads Praise and worship at his church, and their mother is an evangelist, the Prophet says that his gift of prophecy was discovered at the young age of 11. “I started seeing visions of angels. Initially I assumed these were visions being experienced by everyone around me, but unbeknown to me this was the beginning of my ministry,” he explained.

He goes on to say that, prophecy is an event that is yet to take place in the physical realm, but is revealed in the spiritual realm. Unlike many perceptions out there, prophecy is not here to bring forth confusion but direction. “It must always offer a solution,” he said. While chatting to him, we also learned that prophecy in the realm of man can be changed and that in the realm of God can never be manipulated. He cautioned us against prophets calling this the will of God, which he said confuses a lot of church-going folk.

Mainly based in Houston, Texas, USA, he travels between his several branches throughout the world with his wife, Ethiopian beauty Lily Tsegaye, now a prophetess in her own right. Curious at this, we asked Prophet Java to explain how his wife became a prophet. With a slight smile, he calmly answered, “when a man and woman are married they become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. In most cases wives assume the title ‘prophetess’ not necessarily because they have prophecies, but because a prophet can impart pastors within his church, what more than the woman he is married to, the gift can be transferred.”

With so many things being said about prosperity preachers, the prophetic itself, this is what the man of God had to say about the challenges he faces. “As a young famous preacher, people will want to look up to me, be healed by me and not by God. They want to associate with me, with the hope of getting certain benefits. I find myself surrounded by hangers on. It’s a sad reality.”

Catch Prophet Java in the second week of June for his upcoming Johannesburg conference. For more information, visit his Facebook Page.
The Makings Of A Prophet: One-On-One With Prophet Passion Java
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