Zimbabweans Outraged By Mobile Tariff Hikes - Blame Government & Vent Frustrations On Social Media

Econet Wireless’ adoption of mobile broadband tariffs which have made the internet one of the most expensive services for the average Zimbabweans has caused an outrage among subscribers and triggered a flood of criticism for the mobile operator as well as POTRAZ, the telecoms regulator that approved the increase in the first place.

Comments in the articles related to this development raised concerns about how this will affect development. One reader called Chris Mberi said,

This will retard development. Our pockets are already strained and now we have to cut communication too. Many Zimbabweans have just been pushed out of the digital age. I thought Telcos would survive through increased volumes not by extortionist pricing per Meg.

Others like a reader only signed in as Moyo said,
Zimbabweans Outraged By Mobile Tariff Hikes - Blame Government & Vent Frustrations On Social Media
…a direct attack on our civil liberties by a government that is at war with its people

Then there was a number of people who have called this a political tactic. A Techzim reader going by the name Kanyika Kanovava said,

You are all turning a blind eye on the fact of exactly whats happening, this is a Political Move by our Gvt to ensure that they control Social Media. You have been sendign too many videos and whats apps etc to your relatives and our Gvt found the perfect way of managing that,

Professor Jonathan Moyo, the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education also shared his own thought on this,

On social media, specifically, Twitter and Facebook, as well as various WhatsApp groups, there was a fair share of criticism for the price increase with people expressing shock and questioning the idea behind the increase in a tough economy.

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