Andy Muridzo's Career Comes To A SHOCKING END - Will He Recover From This?

Theories abound in circumstances like these; most of them ill-informed since the generality of people think they are experts in in music commentary just as they are (not) in soccer.

But that is what makes it all interesting.

The news that Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement has signed probably his most authentic rival on the musical scene should have shocked and chuffed many all at the same time.

For the past year at least, Andy Muridzo has looked poised to challenge Jah Prayzah for the throne of the king of Zimbabwean music.

Granted, Jah Prayzah’s music is different and Andy Muridzo gave listeners a dimension that they may never have envisaged in their musical minds by coming up with the same sound.

It is a given that Jah Prayzah has had a free reign on the musical scene with no real threat from his contemporaries whose music has been either too different or (often) too poor to make the grade.

The so called Big Four or Big Five are all too different and in a way fail to challenge on the most common platform which is live performances.

It is almost impossible to compare them on any other front unless one would want to take into cognisance the end of year chart shows on different radio stations whose results are all too open for debate because of the method of poll.

Short sight
Back to Andy Muridzo; the young crooner had defied all odds and looked set to challenge for the Big Four or Big Five come end of the year.

And all those prospects have been dashed by the decision that he made to sign with Jah Prayzah’s record label.

While it is a welcome development for musicians to come up with such pacts and organisation, very few, save for Andy himself would have imagined him signing with another musician’s label.

One would have expected ‘AM Studios’ (Andy Muridzo Studios) to be tussling with JP Studios on the market signing other artistes.

But well we are short sighted and not Andy.

Andy’s entry onto the mainstream showbiz scene coming up with a sound like his, in a way idolised Jah Prayzah. Whatever happens with the Jah Prayzah brand, even if he were to quit music today, he has become an icon in his own right.

Debatable as it may be; that Andy has been rocking the way he is currently, makes it even more certain. You cannot talk about Zimbabwean music in the last 10 years and not mention Jah Prayzah. There won’t be any justice.

On an even comparative scale, he is probably equal to if not bigger than the likes of Tanzanian Diamond Platnumz and others that are rocking African airwaves.

Wily Jah Prayzah
What’s interesting is the attention that Jah Prayzah has afforded the young crooner lately.

Reports say the Tsviriyo singer took time off his busy schedule recently and was part of the audience where Andy was playing. Probably to see the audience that Andy commands before signing him.

Imagine, the artiste plays almost all musical instruments and is an all-rounder on stage.

What with the departure of Baba Harare from Jah Prayzah’s camp!

Be that as it may, that is what a good businessman does. And Andy was beaten to the trick. Whenever your wits are beaten, it never makes sense to dream, hence you dream for others; feed their dreams.

Potential deflated
While on any normal day the union is one to celebrate for local artistes; what should be worrying for any Andy Muridzo fan is the potential that has now been punctured. He was well set to be challenging for the Big Five by end of this year but now he is leashed and chances are slim that he can still go for that.

The Zimbabwean entertainment scene is very dynamic and odds favoured him, particularly with the unnamed crisis lurking in the Zim dancehall arena.

Similarly there seems to be very little being done to revive the Sungura genre and the economic situation has done little to help with buyers of music services getting less and less disposable income.

And sounds like that of Jah Prayzah and Any Muridzo are destined to enjoy another good season unless Zimbabwe unleashes another gem.
Andy Muridzo's Career Comes To A SHOCKING END - Will He Recover From This?
In any case however, there is little or no reason to bash Jah Prayzah for being an astute businessman but there sure is every reason to be worrying about Andy Muridzo’s lack thereof and of course the dearth of the prospects of a countering voice, for now at least until 2020.

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