Cameroon Government Attempts To Play Down News Of Blank School Year

The government through its propaganda media house, CRTV has just disputed claims that 2017 has been declared a blank year in Cameroon,in the midst of the socio-political crisis in the anglophone regions of the country.

In a statement released last Friday, Youssouf Hadidja Alim,Cameroon's Minister of Basic Education of Base, and president of the National Commission of Cameroon for Unesco, indicated that the anglophone crisis can not cause a blank year in Cameroon.

According to the Minister, examinations will take place as scheduled in all anglophone and francophone subsystems.

The Minister went ahead to denounce claims circulating on social media that the school year has been declared blank as "malicious".

According to UNESCO rules , when certain hours of the school year are not covered, the school year could be declared Blank.
Schools have been closed for months now in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon.

Meanwhile the Anglophone consortium says the school year has already been declared blank.The consortium writes:

1. There would be no GCE in Southern Cameroons and eventually no one in La Republique will take the exams.
2. The school year is blank already. La Republique is keeping this from its people. All those few Francophones running to have classes in UBa, UB etc, you are wasting a big time because certificates this academic year from the Cameroons would not be recognised.
3. The government continued push for schools to resume is a way to keep french cameroun from rising and down playing the unity of the country that Southern Cameroonians have punctured. The government has been in a series of lies telling.
What do we do now? As advised by our UN contacts we must continue the pressure so that the UN fact finding mission comes in. We must make sure Ghost towns on Mondays and Tuesdays are effective till the end of the month when it shall be reviewed and all schools must remain closed plus other actions such as taxes boycott.
Cameroon Government Attempts To Play Down News Of Blank School Year
Our parents should occupy the kids home to learn other skills, do some community work.
This is a struggle that needs patience and sacrifice thus let's all communicate back home to our families. Special caution to the Francophones who are currently sabotaging this struggle.
This is a winning struggle and our current action hurts La Republique.

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