Douala Cameroon - Government Bans Pro Federation Rally Called Upon By SDF

SDF is planning a federalism demonstration in Douala; Cameroon on 4th March 2017 in support of The Anglophone Problem. The delegation would be headed by Honorable Jean Mitchel Nintcheu.

The purpose of the demonstration is to call on the authorities to make it possible for Cameroon to go back to a federal state as was the case before 1972.

They believe Federation will return power to the people and bring development to Cameroon.

Meanwhile the Divisional Officer for Douala V sub-division, Tchakui Noundie Jean Marie, released a statement prohibiting the holding of the rally scheduled by the SDF on March 4.

In his statement he mentioned that the prohibition of the rally was in a bid to maintain public order in his area of jurisdiction.

He also instructed the Commissioner of the 7th district police station and the commander of the Gendarmerie brigade in Bepanda to make sure that his statement; prohibiting the rally is followed.

Honorable Jean Mitchel Nintcheu, the Littoral SDF Regional president, said going by the 1990 law on public gatherings, the D.O has no powers to ban such a rally. He said, they only declared the holding of the rally and were not applying for any authorization from the civil administrator. The outspoken Nintcheu was emphatic that the ban, to them, remains illegal.
Douala Cameroon - Government Bans Pro Federation Rally Called Upon By SDF
He questioned why the D.O did not, in his decision, state clearly why he had to ban the rally. The opposition party called the ban baseless, Nintcheu told Cameroon Concord's Douala base correspondent on phone that they are rather intensifying preparations ahead of the rally.

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