Breaking News - The Government of Cameroon TO INTENSIFY ARRESTS OF ANGLOPHONE Bent On Administering GCE

The government of Cameroon has come up with a series of secret and Machiavellian plans meant to destroy and possibly annihilate the people of Southern Cameroons once and for all.

According to the evil plan disclosed to some Anglophone elite at a series of nightly meetings in Yaounde Monday the 20th and Tuesday the 21st of February by Prime Minister Philemon Yang, government plans to intensify arrests of the youth daily and shall not release any of those arrested whatsoever.

Some elites from the North West and South West who attended the meetings and who felt disgusted at the kind of collaboration Yang was prepared to offer those oppressing his people, told this reporter that government is bent on administering the GCE whether classes resume or not.

A North West CPDM bigwig who was at Yang's residence Monday revealed that the party hopes to use the March 24 Party Anniversary images all over Southern Cameroons to show the world that only a few extremists are causing trouble and that life is back to normal.

He said there are no plans to return the internet signals anytime soon, rather the government is planning to adopt the use of flyers and tracts to, a medium being used by the outlawed Consortium to good effect, to create confusion and break the strike, since CRTV and Cameroon Tribune are being heavily boycotted in the two regions.

A South West elite who also attended the Musonge xenophobic meeting in Buea and who sat through yet another meeting with the embattled former Premier revealed that they have been told to organize door-to-door meetings in the towns and villages to tell horrible lies about Consortium leaders in attempts to turn the unsuspecting Anglophone communities against the struggle.He noted that Prime Minister Philemon Yang will conduct the operations in the North West while Peter Mafany Musonge will be in charge of the South West, while Atanga Paul Nji will coordinate plans to eliminate prominent elites like Senator Simon Achidi Achu and Fru Jonathan along with Senator Mbella Moki Charles and then blame it on the Consortium. Our informant said the regime is so frustrated at Mbella Moki's refusal to back Musonge at the Buea xenophobic meeting, and mad at Achidi Achu and Fru Jonathan along with some MPs and Senators for signing a memo demanding the release of all those arrested.

Were all these plans to fail, Atanga Paul Nji shall be sent on a very secret mission to Bamenda with tight security and then be killed in the streets as if a crowd overpowered security and took his life so that a state of emergency will be declared to exterminate every Anglophone of substance.
Breakking News - The Government of Cameroon TO INTENSIFY ARRESTS OF ANGLOPHONE Bent On Administering GCE
From the look of things, it would be advisable for parents to send their children right back to the villages as soon as possible, especially as pressure on mission schools to resume is growing, with plans to burn down students in some dormitory schools so as to justify the crackdown on Consortium and other Anglophone leaders.

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