Sangoma Took All My Money -- Although He Cured Me Of My Pain and Bad Dreams

When a 24-year-old man went to a sangoma because he was suffering from bad dreams and pain in his lower body, little did he know he was about to lose all his money.

Although the sangoma helped the man from Kayelitsha, Cape Town, get rid of the pain and the dreams, he soon found a way to also rid him of his savings.

“My problems stopped after he gave me water to wash my body with but he soon left me with a much bigger problem,” said the man.

The sangoma, known as Lupta or Joseph, allegedly told his client he could help him get rich. The man claimed the sangoma told him to draw all his money from his bank account for the ancestors to multiply it. He handed over R25 000 he had been saving for six years to fix his Toyota Corolla.
Sangoma Took All My Money -- Although He Cured Me Of My Pain and Bad Dreams
“I gave him the money in December and he told me to expect R150 000 in my account the next month. When I went to check in January and my account was empty he told me there had been an error and I must give him another R1 500,” said the victim.

“He later asked for another R500, which I paid but nothing happened. Now he wants R2 400 from me!”

The man said when he tried to open a case with the cops they said he couldn’t because he handed over his money willingly.

The SunTeam spoke to the sangoma, who said: “I didn’t steal his money but helped him.” He then hung up the phone.

The police’s Captain Frederick van Wyk said: “This scam is not new and many people fall prey to it. If a deal sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.”

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