SA Idols Twins, Speaking Out About The Nigerian Pastor Rev Tim Omotoso

For immediate release - 29 January 2018

We would like to share our hearts with the whole nation regarding our journey in Timothy Omotoso Ministry.

Firstly we wish to send our heartfelt and sincere apologies to all the woman of South African for we appeared to be taking Timothy Omotoso’s side when he faced rape and sexual harassment charges and mostly we wish to apologize to all the victims (all the girls that were raped) we know them all and we took them as our blood sisters, but when they came out we were made to turn our backs against them and support Tim Omotoso. We were even asked to go do newspaper interviews to protect Omotoso.

We wish to also apologize to all the people that love and support us and our talent ...

We have been in this Ministry for four years and we have lived in his house in Umhlanga for about a year, it was the worst experience ever ... we were actually pushed to please the man, we were told that God will punish us if we ever say anything against Omotoso. We lived a life full of threats and Fear.
SA Idols Twins, Speaking Out About The Nigerian Pastor Rev Tim Omotoso
The elders of the church played a part in making us run away/escape from our homes to stay in Omotoso’s house, serve in his ministry as kids we were made to believe that Omotoso is the closest person to God and we can never have a relationship with God but only through Omotoso.

We have hurt our parents by allowing a Nigerian man to rule and rein over our lives, however many things happened in spirit than on the flesh. We have been blinded and our spirits were controlled or locked up somewhere by this Man and his Spirits because we could see all the wrongs but never bold to speak out, we wanted to scream but had no voices. Omotoso coursed divisions in many families and ruined many peoples lives, his church have the highest unemployment rate and young people who are not studying.

We were not allowed to go to any other church, we were not allowed to listen to any other Pastor and we were not allowed to sing anywhere else besides in his church, we were not allowed to study, but his kids were studying, we were not allowed to see/visit our families.

The rape allegations were not new to us when Omotoso was arrested, it is something that we knew long before he got arrested. The girls would talk immediately after it happened in the house and when one was called to the upper room we knew what was going to happen to them, we were made to keep quiet and never say anything. We escaped and ran away at some point because we knew what was happening. Even when we had left the church we were still not free to talk, we were afraid that something bad will happen to us or our families.

We are happy to announce that we are finally free. We want to thank God Almighty for saving us and delivering us from Omotosos hand. It is not for us to judge.

We are happy to have our lives back and without a shadow of doubt, we are ready to excel in life and spread the word and power of God through our music.


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